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PC2111 Physics & Chemistry Laboratory Syllabus
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Syllabus of Anna University Chennai Bachelor of Engineering (BE) - Marine Engineering - R2008; Affiliated Institutions - PC2111 Physics & Chemistry Laboratory


(For B.E. Marine Engineering Only)

L:T:P:M = 0:0:3:100

I. Physics Laboratory: List Of Experiments

(Any 10 Experiments)

1.Torsional Pendulum – Determination of Moment of Inertia of disc and Rigidity Modulus of the material of a wire.

2.Non-Uniform Bending - Determination of Young’s modulus.

3.Uniform Bending - Determination of Young’s modulus.

4.Viscosity –Determination of co-efficient of Viscosity of a liquid by Poiseuille’s flow.

5.Lees’ disc – Determination of thermal conductivity of a bad conductor.

6.Air wedge – Determination of thickness of a thin wire.

7.Ultrasonic Interferometer- Velocity of ultrasonic waves in a liquid and compressibility of the liquid.

8.Spectrometer – Dispersive power of a prism.

9.Spectrometer – Determination of wavelength of Hg source using Grating.

10.Band gap determination of a Semiconductor

11.Semiconductor laser – (a) Determination of wavelength of Laser using Grating (b) Particle size determination. (c) Determination of Numerical Aperture and Acceptance angle of an Optical Fibre

12. Potentiometer - Determination of Thermo-emf using Thermo couple.

Total = 45 Periods

Physics Laboratory classes will be conducted on alternate weeks with 3 periods duration.

II. Chemistry Laboratory: List Of Experiments

(Any 10 Experiments)

Weighing and preparation of standard solutions

(a) Preparation of molar and normal solutions of the following substances-oxalic acid, sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid.

(b) Preparation of buffer solutions: borate buffer, phosphate buffer using Henderson’s equation.

Determination of total hardness, temporary & permanent hardness of water by EDTA method.

Determination of alkalinity of water sample.

Determination of chloride content of water sample by argentometric method.

Determination of DO content by Winkler’s method.

Estimation of copper in brass.

Determination of strength of Hydrochloric acid by pH metric method.

Conductometric titration between strong acid and strong base.

Conductometric titration of mixture of acids.

Conductometric precipitation titration using barium chloride and sodium sulphate.

Determination of strength of iron by potentiometric method using dichromate.

Estimation of iron (1,10 – phenanthroline / thiocyanate method) or Ni (DMG) in the given solution by spectrometric method

Determination of sodium and potassium ions in water sample by flame photometric method.

Determination of molecular weight of a polymer by viscometry method.

Determination of percentage of calcium in limestone by EDTA method.

Total = 45 Periods

References for Chemistry Laboratory

(1)J. Mendham, R.C. Denney, J.D. Barnes and N.J.K. Thomas, Vogel’s Textbook of Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 6th Edition, Pearson Education, 2004.

(2) D.P. Shoemaker and C.W. Garland, Experiments in Physical Chemistry, McGraw Hill, London. Chemistry Laboratory classes will be conducted on alternate weeks with 3 periods duration.

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