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GE2112 Engineering Graphics Syllabus
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Anna University Chennai BE/BTech R2008 Affiliated Institutions Common Syllabus

R2008/Affiliated Institutions Common Syllabus

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Anna University, Chennai

Anna University, Chennai

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Syllabus of Anna University Chennai Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology (BE/BTech) - R2008/Affiliated Institutions Common Syllabus - Ist Year - GE2112 Engineering Graphics


(Common to all branches of B.E. / B.Tech. Programmes)



To develop graphic skills in students.


To develop in students graphic skills for communication of concepts, ideas and design of engineering products and expose them to existing national standards related to technical drawings.

Concepts and Conventions (5)

Importance of graphics in engineering applications – Use of drafting instruments – BIS conventions and specifications – Size, layout and folding of drawing sheets – Lettering and dimensioning.

UNIT - I Plane Curves and Free hand sketching (6+17)

Curves used in engineering practices:

Conics – Construction of ellipse, parabola and hyperbola by eccentricity method – Construction of cycloid – construction of involutes of square, pentagon and circle - Drawing of tangents and normal to the above curves.

Free hand sketching:

Representation of Three Dimensional objects – Need for and importance of multiple views and their placement – Developing visualization skills through free hand sketching of multiple views from pictorial views of objects.

UNIT- II Projection of points, lines and plane surfaces (6+17)

General principles of orthographic projection – First angle projection – Layout of views – Projection of points, located in all quadrant and straight lines located in the first quadrant – Determination of true lengths and true inclinations and location of traces – Projection of polygonal surface and circular lamina inclined to both reference planes.

UNIT - III Projection of solids and section of solids (6+17)

Projection of simple solids like prisms, pyramids, cylinder and cone when the axis is inclined to one reference plane by change of position method and change of reference plane (Auxiliary projection method) method.

Sectioning of above solids in simple vertical position by cutting planes inclined to one reference plane and above solids in inclined position with cutting planes parallel to one reference plane –Obtaining true shape of section.

UNIT - IV Development of surfaces and Intersection of solids (6+17)

Development of lateral surfaces of simple and truncated solids – prisms, pyramids, cylinders and cones - Development of lateral surfaces of solids with square and cylindrical cutouts, perpendicular to the axis.

Intersection of solids and curves of intersection - prism & cylinder, cylinder & cylinder, cone & cylinder – Axis at right angles with no offset.

UNIT - V Isometric and perspective projections: (6+17)

Principles of isometric projection – isometric scale – isometric projections of simple solids, truncated prisms, pyramids, cylinders and cones.

Perspective projection of prisms, pyramids and cylinders by visual ray and vanishing point methods.

Computer Aided Drafting: (Demonstration only)

Demonstration of Computer Aided Drafting and dimensioning using appropriate software.

Total=120 Periods



1. N.D. Bhatt, "Engineering Drawing" Charotar publishing House, 46th Edition, (2003).

2. K.V. Nataraajan, "A text book of Engineering Graphics", Dhanalakshmi Publishers, Chennai (2006).


1. M.B. Shah and B.C. Rana, "Engineering Drawing", Pearson Education (2005).

2. K.R. Gopalakrishnana, "Engineering Drawing", (Vol. I & II), Subhas Publications (1998).

3. Dhananjay A.Jolhe, "Engineering Drawing with an introduction to AutoCAD"; Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited (2008).

4. K.Venugopal & V..Prabhu Raja, "Engineering Graphics", New Age International (P) Limited (2008).

Bureau of Indian Standards:

1. IS 10711 – 2001: Technical products Documentation – Size and lay out of drawing sheets

2. IS 9609 (Parts 0 & 1) – 2001 :Technical products Documentation – Lettering.

3. IS 10714 (Part 20) – 2001 & SP 46 – 2003: Lines for technical drawings.

4. IS 11669 – 1986 & SP 46 - 2003 : Dimensioning of Technical Drawings.

5. IS 15021 (Parts 1 To 4) – 2001: Technical drawings- Projection Methods.

Special points applicable to University Examinations on Engineering Graphics.

1. There will be five questions, each of either or type covering all units of the syllabus.

2. All questions will carry equal marks of 20 each making a total of 100.

3. The answer paper shall consist of drawing sheets of A3 size only. The students will be permitted to use appropriate scale to fit solution within A3 size.

4. Whenever the total number of candidates in a college exceeds 150, the University Examination in that college will be conducted in two sessions (FN and AN on the same day) for 50 percent of student (approx) at a time.

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