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GE2113 Engineering Practices Laboratory Syllabus
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Anna University Chennai BE/BTech R2008 Affiliated Institutions Common Syllabus

R2008/Affiliated Institutions Common Syllabus

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Syllabus of Anna University Chennai Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology (BE/BTech) - R2008/Affiliated Institutions Common Syllabus - Ist Year - GE2113 Engineering Practices Laboratory


(Common to all branches of B.E. / B.Tech.)

L:T:P:M = 0:0:2:100


To provide an exposure of basic engineering practices to the student.


To provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Group A (Civil & Mechanical)

I Civil Engineering Practice (12)


(a) Study of plumbing and carpentry components of residential and industrial buildings.

Plumbing Works:

a.Study of pipeline joints, its location and functions: valves, taps, couplings, unions, reducers, elbows in household fittings.

b.Study of pipe connections requirements for pumps and turbines..

c.Preparation of plumbing line sketches for water supply and sewage works.

d.Hands- on - Exercise:. Basic pipe connections - Mixed pipe material connection - pipe connections with different joining components.

e.Demonstration of plumbing requirements of high-rise buildings.


a.Study of the joints in roofs, doors,windows and furniture.

b.Hands – on – exercise –woodwork, joints by sawing, planing and cutting.

II Mechanical Engineering Practice (18)


(a)Preparation of arc welding of butt joints, lap joints and tee joints.

(b)Gas welding practice.

Basic Machining

(a)Simple Turning and Taper turning

(b)Drilling practice

Machine assembly practice

(a)Study of centrifugal pump

(b)Study of air conditioner

Demonstration on

(a)Smithy operations, upsetting, swaging, setting down and bending. Example - Exercise – production of hexagonal headed bolt.

(b)Foundry operations like mould preparation for gear and step cone pulley.

(c)Fitting – Exercises – preparation of square fitting and Vee – fitting models.

Group B (Electrical & Electronics)

III Electrical Engineering Practice (12)

1.Residential house wiring using switches, fuse, indicator, lamp and energy meter.

2.Fluorescent lamp wiring

3.Stair-case wiring

4.Measurement of electrical quantities - voltage, current, power & power factor in RLC circuit.

5.Measurement of energy using single phase energy meter.

6.Measurement of resistance to earth of an electrical equipment.


Any SIX Experiments

1.(a) Study of Electronic components and equipment (i) Resistor colour coding
(ii) usage of CRO & Multimeter.

(b) Soldering of simple electronic components and checking the continuity.

(c) Assembling electronic components on a PCB.

2.Characteristics of PN & Zener Diodes.

3.Measurement of ripple factor for HWR & FWR.

4.Input and output characteristics of CE transistor.

5.Characteristics of JFET.

6.Applications of operational amplifier – Inverter, adder and subtractor.

7.Study of digital circuits – logic gates, adder and decade counter.

P = 60 Periods

Annual Examination Pattern:

The Laboratory examination is to be conducted for Group A & Group B, allotting 90 minutes for each group, with a break of 15 minutes. Both the examinations are to be taken together in sequence, either in the FN session or in the AN session. The maximum marks for Group A and Group B lab examinations will be 50 each, totaling 100 for the Lab course. The candidates shall answer either I or II under Group A and either III or IV under Group B, based on lots.

Engineering Practices Laboratory

List of equipment and components (For a Batch of 30 Students)


1. Assorted components for plumbing consisting of metallic pipes, plastic pipes, flexible pipes, couplings, unions, elbows, plugs and other fittings.15 Sets.

2. Carpentry vice (fitted to work bench) 15 Nos.

3. Standard woodworking tools 15 Sets.

4. Models of industrial trusses, door joints, furniture joints 5 each

5. Power tools: (a) Rotary Hammer 2 Nos
(b) Demolition Hammer 2 Nos
(c) Circular Saw 2 Nos
(d) Planer 2 Nos
(e) Hand Drilling Machine 2 Nos
(f) Jigsaw 2 Nos


1.Arc welding transformer with cables and holders 5 Nos.

2.Welding booth with exhaust facility 5 Nos.

3.Welding accessories like weldings hield,chipping hammer,wire brush,etc. 5 Sets

4.Oxygen and acetyleneg as cylinders,blowpipe and other welding out fit. 2 Nos.

5.Centre lathe 2 Nos.

6.Hearth furnace,anvil and smithy tools 2 Sets.

7.Moulding table, foundry tools 2 Sets.

8.PowerTool:Angle Grinder 2 Nos

9.Study-purposeitems:centrifugal pump,air-conditioner on each.


1.Assorted electrical components for house wiring 15 Sets

2.Electrical measuring instruments 10 Sets

3.Megger (250V/500V) 1 No.

4.Study purpose items:Iron box,fan and regulator,emergency lamp One each

5.Power Tools:(a)Range Finder 2 Nos.

(b)Digital Live-wire Detector 2 Nos.


1.Soldering guns 10 Nos.

2.Assorted electronic components form a king circuits 50 Nos.

3.Small PCBs 10 Nos.

4.Multimeters 10 Nos.

5.Study purpose items:Telephone, FM radio, low-voltage power supply


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