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BOT403 Taxonomy & Diversity of Seed Plants Syllabus
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Sardar Patel University MSc Botany

Sardar Patel University MSc Botany Course Details

Sardar Patel University MSc Botany Syllabus

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Syllabus of Sardar Patel University Master of Science (MSc) - Botany - Semester I - BOT403 Taxonomy & Diversity of Seed Plants


Introduction: gymnosperms, the vessel-less and fruitless seed plants varying in the structure of their sperms, pollen grains, pollen germination and the complexity of their female gametophytye; evolution of gymnosperms.

Brief account of the families of Pteridospermales : Lyginopteridaceae, Medullosaceae, Caytoniaceae and Glossopteridaceae.

General account of Cycadeoidales and Cordaitales.

Structure and reproduction in Cycadales, Ginkgoales, Coniferales, Ephedrales, Welwitschiales and Gnetales.

Taxonomy of Angiosperms

Origin of Intrapopulation Variation: population and the environment; ecads and ecotypes; evolution and differentiation of species- various models.

The species concept: taxonomic hierarchy, species, genus, family and other categories; principles used in assessing relationship, delimitation of taxa and attribution of rank.

Salient features of the international code of botanical nomenclature.

Taxonomic evidence: morphology, anatomy, palynology, embryology, cytology; phytochemistry; genome analysis and nucleic acid hybridization.

Taxonomic tools: Herbarium; floras; histological, cytological, phytochemical, serological, biochemical and molecular techniques; computers and GIS.

Systems of angiosperm classification: phenetic versus phylogenetic systems; cladistics in taxonomy; relative merits and demerits of major systems of classification; relevance of taxonomy to conservation, sustainable utilization of bio-resources and ecosystem research.

Concepts of phytogeography: endemism, hotspots and hottest hotspots; plant explorations; invasions and introductions; local plant diversity and its socio-economic importance.

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