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Syllabus of IGNOU Bachelor of Science (BSc)


MTE-01 Calculus

MTE-02 Linear Algebra

MTE-04 Elementary Algebra

MTE-05 Analytical Geometry

MTE-06 Abstract Algebra

MTE-07 Advanced Calculus

MTE-08 Differential Equations

MTE-09 Real Analysis

MTE-10 Numerical Analysis

MTE-11 Probability and Statistics

MTE-12 Linear Programming

MTE-13 Discrete Mathematics

MTE-14 Mathematical Modelling


PHE-01 Elementary Mechanics

PHE-02 Oscillations and Waves

PHE-03(L) Physics Laboratory-1

PHE-04 Mathematical Methods in Physics-I

PHE-05 Mathematical Methods in Physics-II

PHE-06 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

PHE-07 Electric and Magnetic Phenomena

PHE-08(L) Physics Laboratory-II

PHE-09 Optics

PHE-10 Electrical Circuits and Electronics

PHE-11 Modern Physics

PHE-12(L) Physics Laboratory-III

PHE-13 Physics of Solids

PHE-14 Mathematical Methods in Physics-III

PHE-15 Astronomy and Astrophysics

PHE-16 Communication Physics


CHE1 Atoms and Molecules

CHE-02 Inorganic Chemistry

CHE-03(L) Chemistry Laboratory-I

CHE-04 Physical Chemistry

CHE-05 Organic Chemistry

CHE-06 Organic Reaction Mechanism

CHE-07(L) Chemistry Laboratory-II

CHE-08(L) Chemistry Laboratory-III

CHE-09 Biochemistry

CHE-10 Spectroscopy

CHE-11(L) Chemistry Laboratory-IV

CHE-12(L) Chemistry Laboratory-V

MTE-3 Mathematical Methods

Life Sciences

LSE-01 Cell Biology

LSE-02 Ecology

LSE-03 Genetics

LSE-04(L) Laboratory Course-I

LSE-05 Physiology

LSE-06 Developmental Biology

LSE-07 Taxonomy and Evolution

LSE-08(L) Laboratory Course-II

LSE-09 Animal Diversity-I

LSE-10 Animal Diversity-II

LSE-11(L) Animal Diversity Laboratory

LSE-12 Plant Diversity-I

LSE-13 Plant Diversity-II

LSE-14(L) Plant Diversity Laboratory

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