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CM05219 Engineering Chemistry / CM05044 Applied Chemistry Syllabus
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Syllabus of JNTU Bachelor of Technology (BTech Common Syllabus) - CM05219 Engineering Chemistry / CM05044 Applied Chemistry Effective 2007-08 Batch

UNIT I: Water Technology-I

Introduction, Effect of Water on Rocks and Minerals, Types of impurities in Water, Hardness of Water - Temporary and Permanent hardness. Units and inter conversions of Units. Estimation of hardness by EDTA Methods. Problems on Temporary and Permanent hardnesses. Analysis of Water - Alkalinity; Chlorides and Dissolved Oxygen. Disadvantages of Hard Water. Methods of Treatment of Water for Domestic Purposes - Sedimentation, Coagulation, Filtration, Disinfection - Sterilization, Chlorination,Break point chlorination, Ozonization.

UNIT II: Water Technology-II

Water for Industrial purpose - Water for Steam Making-Boiler Troubles - Carry Over - Priming and Foaming, Boiler Corrosion, Scales and Sludges, Caustic Embrittlement. Water Treatment: - Internal Treatment - Colloidal, Phosphate, Calgon, Carbonate, Sodium aluminate Conditioning of Water. External Treatment - Lime-Soda Process, Zeolite Process, Ion- Exchange Process; - Numerical Problems.

UNIT III: Science of Corrosion

Definition, Examples, Types of Corrosion: Theories of Corrosion and Mechanism - Dry Corrosion, (Direct Chemical attack), Wet Corrosion, (Electro Chemical Theory) Principles of Corrosion, Galvanic Series, Galvanic Corrosion, Concentration Cell Corrosion, Mechanism of Wet Corrosion - Hydrogen evolution type, Oxygen absorption type. Factors Influencing Corrosion. Control of Corrosion - Proper Design, Use of pure metal and metal alloys, Passivity, Cathodic Protection - Sacrificial anode and Impressed Current. Modifying the Environment, use of Inhibitors.

UNIT IV: Protective Coatings and their applications

Surface Preparation: (1) Solvent Cleaning (2) Alkali Cleaning (3) Pickling and Etching (4) Sand Blasting (5) Mechanical Cleaning.

Types of Protective Coatings: Metallic Coatings - Anodic Coatings, Galvanization, Cathodic Coatings - Tinning, Metal Cladding, Electroplating Ex: Chromium Plating, Metal Spraying, Cementation-Sheradizing, Colourizing, Chromizing.

Chemical Conversion Coatings: (1) Phosphate (2) Chromate (3) Anodized Coatings.

UNIT V: Polymer Science and Technology

Polymerization Reactions - Basic concepts. Types of Polymerization - Addition and Condensation Polymerizations. Plastics -Thermosetting and Thermoplastics - Differences. Compounding and Moulding of Plastics - Compression, Injection, Transfer, and Extrusion molding methods. Preparation, Properties and Engineering Uses of the Following: Polyethylene, PVC, Teflon, Bakelite, Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane and Silicone Resins. Rubber - Processing of Natural Rubber, Vulcanization and Compounding. Elastomers - Buna S, Buna N, Thiokol. Polyurethane Rubber.

UNIT VI: Refractories and Insulators

Refractories - Definition, Classification With Examples; Criteria of a Good Refractory Material; Causes for the failure of a Refractory Material; Insulators - Definition and Classification with Examples; Characteristics of Insulating Materials; Thermal Insulators, Electrical Insulators - Their Characteristics and Engineering Applications.

UNIT VII: Lubricants

Principles and function of lubricants - Types of Lubrication and Mechanism - Thick Film or Hydrodynamic Lubrication, Thin Film or Boundary Lubrication, Extreme Pressure Lubrication. Classification and properties of lubricants-Viscosity, flash and fire point, cloud and pour point, aniline point, Neutralization Number and mechanical strength.

UNIT VIII: Inorganic Cementing Materials

Cement: Important Parameters for Manufacturing Cement Clinkers. Chemical Constituents and Composition of Cement. Methods of Manufacture of Cement - Wet and Dry Processes. Additives for Cement. Properties of Cement - Setting and Hardening. Types of Portland Cement.


1. A text book of Engineering Chemistry by Jain & Jain, Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company, New Delhi(15 Ediction) (2006).

2. Chemistry of Engineering Materials by C.P. Murthy, C.V. Agarwal and A. Naidu BS Publication Hyd. 2007.


1. A text book of Engineering Chemistry by S.S. Dara, S.Chand & Co, New Delhi (2004)

2. Engineering Chemistry by J C Kuriacose and J. Rajaram, Tata McGraw-Hill Co, New Delhi (2004)

3. Text book of Engineering Chemistry by Shashi Chawala, Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company, 15th edition New Delhi (2004).

4. Laboratory Manual on Engineering Chemistry by S.K. Bhasin and Sudha Rani, Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company, New Delhi (2004).

5. Engineering Chemistry by R. Gopalan, D. Venkappaya and S.Nagarajan, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi (2004).

6. Engineering Chemistry by R.V. Gadag A.N. Tyanand Shortly IK. International Publishing house Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.

Additional books for Mechanical Engineering (Production)

1. A Text Book of Engineering Chemistry by Balaram Pani, Galgotia Publications, New Delhi (2004).

2. Industrial Chemistry by O.P.Veeramani and A.K.Narula, Galgotia Publications, New Delhi (2004).

3. Advanced Engineering Chemistry by Senapati and Mohanty, Laxmi Publications, New Delhi (2002).

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