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CS05566 UNIX Programming Syllabus
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JNTU BTech - Information Technology

JNTU BTech IT Syllabus

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad

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Syllabus of JNTU Bachelor of Technology (BTech Common Syllabus (Effective 2005-06 batches)) - CS05566 UNIX Programming


Unix utilities –1 : Introduction to unix file system, vi editor, file handling utilities, security by file permissions, process utilities, disk utilities, networking commands, cp, mv, ln, rm, unlink, mkdir, rmdir, du, df, mount, umount, find, unmask, ulimit, ps, who, w, finger, arp, ftp, telnet, rlogin.


Unix utilities –2:Text processing utilities and backup utilities , detailed commands to be covered are cat, tail, head , sort, nl, uniq, grep, egrep,fgrep, cut, paste, join, tee, pg, comm, cmp, diff, tr, awk, tar, cpio.


Problem solving approaches in Unix : Using single commands, using compound. Commands, shell scripts, C programs, building own command library of programs.


Working with the Bourne shell : What is a shell, shell responsibilities, pipes and input Redirection, output redirection, here documents, the shell as a programming language, shell meta characters, shell variables, shell commands, the environment, control structures, shell script examples.


Unix Internals - 1 : Unix file structure, directories, files and devices, System calls, library functions,low level file access, usage of open, creat, read, write, close, lseek, stat, fstat,ioctl, umask, dup and dup2, the standard i/o (fopen, fopen, fclose,fflush, fseek, fgetc, getc, getchar, fputc, putc, putchar, fgets, gets ), formatted I/O, stream errors, streams and file descriptors, file and directory maintenance (chmod, chown, unlink, link, symlink, mkdir, rmdir, chdir, getcwd), Directory handling system calls (opendir, readdir, closedir,rewinddir, seekdir, telldir).


Unix Internals – 2 : Process and Signals : What is process, process structure, starting new process,Waiting for a process, zombie process, process control, process identifiers, fork, Vfork, exit, wait, exec, Signal functions, unreliable signals, interrupted system Calls, kill and raise functions, alarm, pause functions, abort, system, sleep functions.


Unix Internals – 3 : Data Management : Management of memory (malloc, free, realloc, calloc), File Locking (creating lock files, Locking regions, use of read/write locking, competing locks, other commands, deadlocks)


Unix Internals – 4 : Inter-Process communication : Pipe, Process Pipes, the pipe call, parent-child process, named pipes : FIFOs, Semaphores, message queues and shared memory and applications of IPC.


1. Unix the ultimate guide, Sumitabha Das, TMH.

2. Unix Network Programming, W.R.Stevens Pearson/PHI.


1. Advanced programming in the Unix environment, W.R.Stevens, Pearson education.

2. Unix system programming using C++, T.Chan, PHI.

3. Unix programming environment, Kernighan and Pike, PHI. / Pearson Education

4. Unix Internals The New Frontiers, U.Vahalia, Pearson Education.

5. Unix for programmers and users, 3rd edition, Graham Glass, King Ables, Pearson Education.

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