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MA05363 / MA05361 / MA07361 Mathematical Methods Syllabus
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Syllabus of JNTU BTech Common Syllabus - MA05363 / MA05361 / MA07361 Mathematical Methods



Matrices and Linear systems of equations: Elementary row transformations-Rank-Echelon form, Normal form – Solution of Linear Systems – Direct Methods- LU Decomposition- LU Decomposition from Gauss Elimination –Solution of Tridiagonal Systems-Solution of Linear Systems


Eigen values, eigen vectors – properties – Cayley-Hamilton Theorem - Inverse and powers of a matrix by Cayley-Hamilton theorem – Diagonolization of matrix. Calculation of powers of matrix – Modal and spectral matrices.


Real matrices – Symmetric, skew - symmetric, orthogonal, Linear Transformation – Orthogonal Transformation. Complex matrices: Hermitian, Skew-Hermitian and Unitary – Eigen values and eigen vectors of complex matrices and their properties. Quadratic forms- Reduction of quadratic form to canonical form – Rank - Positive, negative definite - semi definite - index - signature - Sylvester law.


Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations: Introduction – The Bisection Method – The Method of False Position – The Iteration Method – Newton-Raphson Method.

Interpolation: Introduction- Errors in Polynomial Interpolation – Finite differences- Forward Differences- Backward differences –Central differences – Symbolic relations and separation of symbols-Differences of a polynomial-Newton’s formulae for interpolation – Central difference interpolation Formulae – Gauss Central Difference Formulae –Interpolation with unevenly spaced points-Lagrange’s Interpolation formula.


Curve fitting: Fitting a straight line –Second degree curve-exponentional curve-power curve by method of least squares. Numerical Differentiation and Integration– Trapezoidal rule – Simpson’s 1/3 Rule –Simpson’s 3/8 Rule.


Numerical solution of Ordinary Differential equations: Solution by Taylor’s series-Picard’s Method of successive Approximations-Euler’s Method-Runge-Kutta Methods –Predictor-Corrector Methods- Adams- Moulton Method –Milne’s Method.


Fourier Series: Determination of Fourier coefficients – Fourier series – even and odd functions – Fourier series in an arbitrary interval – even and odd periodic continuation – Half-range Fourier sine and cosine expansions. Fourier integral theorem (only statement)– Fourier sine and cosine integrals. Fourier transform – Fourier sine and cosine transforms – properties – inverse transforms – Finite Fourier transforms.


Formation of partial differential equations by elimination of arbitrary constants and arbitrary functions –solutions of first order linear (Lagrange) equation and nonlinear (standard type) equations. Method of separation of variables. z-transform – inverse z-transform - properties – Damping rule – Shifting rule – Initial and final value theorems. Convolution theorem – Solution of difference equation by z-transforms.

Text Books:

1. Mathematical Methods, T. K. V. Iyengar, B. Krishna Gandhi and Others, S. Chand & Company.

2. Mathematical Methods, C. Sankaraiah, V. G. S. Book Links.

3. A text book of Mathematical Methods, V. Ravindranath, A. Vijayalaxmi, Himalaya Publishers.

4. A text book of Mathematical Methods, Shahnaz Bathul, Right Publisshers.


1. A text Book of Engineering Mathematics, B. V. Raman, Tata Mc Graw Hill.

2. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Irvin Kreyszig, Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.

3. Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering Computation, M. K. Jain, S. R. K. Iyengar & R. K. Jain, New Age International Publishers.

4. Elementary Numerical Analysis, Aitkinson & Han, Wiely India, 3rd Edition, 2006

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