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Master of Science (MSc) Zoology Syllabus
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Jiwaji University MSc Zoology

Jiwaji University MSc Zoology Course details

Jiwaji University MSc Zoology Syllabus

Jiwaji University

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Jiwaji University Institute of Distance Education

Syllabus of Jiwaji University - Master of Science (MSc) Zoology

Please click on a link below to access Syllabus of Master of Science (MSc) Zoology offered by Jiwaji University

First Semester

Zool./101 : Structure & Functions of Invertebrates

Zool./102 : Quantitative Biology & Bioinformatics

Zool./103 : Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics

Zool./104 : Tools & Techniques for Biology

Zool./105 : Practical - Invertebrates, Quantitative Biology & Bioinformatics

Zool./106 : Practical - Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics & Tools & Techniques

Second Semester

Zool./201 : General & Comparative Animal Physiology

Zool./202 : Biomolecules & Structural Biology

Zool./203 : Population Ecology & Environmental Physiology

Zool./204 : Biosystematics, Taxonomy & Evolution

Zool./205 : Practical - Physiology & Biochemistry

Zool./206 : Practical - Ecology, Environmental Physiology, Systematics, Taxonomy & Evolution

Third Semester

Zool./301 : Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates

Zool./302 : Genes & Differentiation

Zool./303 : Specilization

Zool./304 : Specilization

Zool./305 : Practical - Vertebrates and Genes & Differentiation

Zool./306 : Practical - Specilization

Fourth Semester

Zool./401 : Animal Behaviour

Zool./402 : Biology of Parasitism & Vertebrate Immune System

Zool./403 : Specilization

Zool./404 : Specilization

Zool./405 : Practical - Animal Behaviour, Biology of Parasitism & Immunology

Zool./406 : Practical - Specilization

Optional Special Papers - Fish Biology and Fisheries

Zool./303 (A): Fish Structure & Function

Zool./304 (A): Fish Morphology & Anatomy

Zool./306 (A): Practical- Fish Biology

Zool./403 (A): Taxonomy, Systematica & Ecology of Fishes

Zool./404 (A): Pisciculture & Economic Importance of Fishes

Zool./406 (A): Practical- Fish Biology & Fisheries

Optional Special Papers - Entomology

Zool./303 (B): General Entomology & Insect Morphology

Zool./304 (B): Insect Anatomy & Physiology

Zool./306 (B): Practical- General Entomology

Zool./403 (B): Insect Taxonomy, Ecology & Development

Zool./404 (B): Applied entomology

Zool./406 (B): Practical- Applied entomology

Optional Special Papers - Endocrinology

Zool./303 (C): Comparative Endocrinology

Zool./304 (C): Endocrine Physiology

Zool./306 (C): Practical - General & Comparative Endocrinology

Zool./403 (C): Male Reproductive Endocrinology

Zool./404 (C): Female Reproductive Endocrinology

Zool./406 (C): Practical - Reproductive Endocrinology

Optional Special Papers - Cell Biology

Zool./303 (D): Methods in Cell & Molecular Biology

Zool./304 (D): Cellular Structure & Molecular Organization

Zool./306 (D): Practical - Cell Biology - I

Zool./403 (D): Neurobiology, Ageing & Immunology

Zool./404 (D): Chromosomes, Genes & Genetic Engineering

Zool./406 (D): Practical - Cell Biology - II

Optional Special Papers - Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture

Zool./303 (E): Aquatic Ecology & Resources

Zool./304 (E): Fish Biology & Physiology

Zool./306 (E): Practical - Aquatic Biology & Fish Biology

Zool./403 (E): Fisheries & Pisciculture

Zool./404 (E): Aquaculture

Zool./406 (E): Practical - Pisciculture & Aquaculture

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