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Semester IV - Paper VIII - Management of Resources
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University of Madras - Syllabus of Bachelor of Science (BSc) Nutrition, Food Service Management and Dietetics - Semester IV - Paper VIII - Management of Resources

B.Sc. Degree Course in Nutrition Food Service Management and Dietetics
(Effective from the Academic Year 2003-2004)


Semester IV - Paper VIII - Management of Resources

Number of Lectures: 6
Duration of Examination: 3 hrs
Maximum Marks: 100
Credits: 4

Hours of instruction / week
Theory: 6 hours


To enable students to:

1. Understand the concepts, principles and significance of resource management.

2. Apply the principles in the management of resources.


1. Concept of resource management - Definition, management process - planning, controlling - energising, adjusting, checking - supervision - directing and guiding, evaluating, qualities of a good manager.

2. Managerial Inputs - Values, Goals Standards and Resources - Meaning and classification, optimizing the use of family resources, factors affecting the use of resources.

3. Decision making - Meaning and its importance, types of decisions, decision making process, methods of resolving conflicts.

4. Time Management - Time plans, tools in time management - Time norms, peak loads, work curves and rest periods, time management process - planning - steps in making time plans - controlling the planning action - evaluation.

5. Energy Management - The efforts required in home-making activities, energy requirements for houshold activities, fatigue-concepts, types-physiological and psychological fatigue, Managerial process applied to energy.

6. Work Simplification - Definition, importance, Techniques - Process chart, operation chart, multim an chart and cycle graph techniques - Mundel's Classes of change - Planning efficient work areas-kitchen.

7. Money Management - Family Income - Types, sources methods of augmenting family income. Family Expenditure - Budget - Meaniing - Types of budget, planning a budget for a family of a fixed income, Hotel / Restaurant, advantages of budgeting, factors affecting family budget, Engel's law of consumption, methods of handling money - Family financial records.


1 Identification of managerial activities performed at home.

2. Identification of personal and family values and goals.

3. Time expenditure pattern of selected groups.

4. Techniques to study work simplification.

5. Kitchen planning and storage - convenient work heights - types.

6. Formulation of budgets for family and for a department


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2. Aswathappa, K. (1997) Human Resource and Personnel Management. New Delhi, Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Company

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4. Beacon, R., and Fire Baugh, (1981) Family Resource Management, U.S.A.

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