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Semester I - Paper I - Properties of Matter and Acoustics
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Physics Study Guides

University of Madras - Syllabus of Bachelor of Science (BSc) Physics - Semester I - Paper I - Properties of Matter and Acoustics

(Effective from the Academic Year 2003-2004)


Semester I - Paper I - Properties of Matter and Acoustics

Duration of Examination: 3 hrs
Maximum Marks: 100
Credits: 4


Unit I


Hooke's Law Stress - Strain Diagram - Elastic moduli - Relation between elastic constants - Poisson's Ratio - Expressions for Poisson's ratio in terms of elastic constants - Work done in stretching and twisting a wire - Twisting couple on a cylinder- Rigidity modulus by static torsion - Torsional pendulum - Rigidity modulus and moment of inertia.

Unit II

Bending of beams

Cantilever - Expression for bending moment - Expression for depression - Cantilever oscillations - Expression for time period - Experiment to find Young's modulus - Non uniform bending - Experiment to determine Young's modulus by Koenig's method - Uniform bending - Expression for elevation - Experiment to determine Young's modulus using microscope.

Unit III


Surface Tension: Definition and dimensions of surface tension - Excess of pressure over curved surfaces - Application to spherical and cylindrical drops and bubbles - Variation of Surface tension with temperature - Jaegar's method.

Viscosity: Co-efficient of viscosity and its dimensions - Rate of flow of liquid in a capillary tube - Poiseuilles' formula - Experiment to determine co-efficient of viscosity of a liquid - Variation of viscosity of a liquid with temperature - Applications of viscosity.

Physics of Low Pressure. Production and Measurement of low pressure - Grades' molecular pump - Rotary pump - Knudsen absolute gauge - Detection of leakage.


Unit IV

Waves and Oscillations:

Simple harmonic motion - Free, Damped, Forced vibrations and Resonance - Fourier's Theorem - Application to saw tooth wave and square wave - Intensity & loudness of sound - Decibels - Intensity levels - Noise pollution.

Unit - V


Production of ultrasonic waves - Piezo electric crystal method - Magnetostriction method - Properties - Application to science industry and medicine.

Acoustics of buildings: Reverberation and time of reverberation - Absorption co-efficient - Sabine's formula - Measurement of reverberation time - Acoustic aspects of halls and auditoria.

Books for Study

1. Properties of Matter by Murugeshan. R., S. Chand & Co Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. 1994.
2. Properties of Matter by Brij Lal & Subramaniam. N, Eurasia publishing Co., NewDeihi, 1989.
3. Textbook of Sound by Brij Lal & Subramaniam. N, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 1982.
4. Text book of Sound by M. N. Srinivasan - Himalaya Publications

Books for Reference

1. Elements of Properties of Matter by Mathur D.S., Shyamlal Charitable Trust, New Delhi, 1993.
2. Fundamentals of General Properties of Matter by Gulati H.R., R. Chand & Co., New Delhi, 1982.
3. Waves & Oscillations by Subrahmanyam N. & Brij Lal, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1994.
4. A Textbook of Sound by Khanna D.R. & Bedi R.S., Atma Ram & Sons, New Delhi. (1985).
5. Mechanics and General Properties of Matter by P.K. Chakrabarthy - Books & Allied (P) Ltd., 2001.
6. Fundamentals of Physics, 6th Edition, by D. Halliday, R.Resnick and J.Walker, Wiley, NY, 2001.
7. Physics, 4th Edition, VoIs. I, II & II Extended by D. Halliday, R.Resnick and K.S. Krane, Wiley, NY, 1994..
8. CRC Handbook of Physics & Chemistry, 80th Ed., CRS Press, NY, 1999.
9. The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vols. I, II, and III, by R. P. Feynman, R B Leighton and M Sands, Narosa, New Delhi, 1998.
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