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Question Papers of Andhra University Bachelor of Law (LLB) - 3 Years - 101-1003 Penology and Victimology April 2012

Time: Three hours
Maximum: 85 marks

April 2012

Date of Examination: April 27, 2012




(Common for sixth semester of 3 year course and tenth semester of 5 year course)

(Effective from the admitted batch of 2009-2010)

Time: 3 hours
Max. Marks: 85


Answer any SIX questions.
Each question carries 4 marks.

6 x 4 = 24

1. Approaches to Crime Control
2. Chronic Offender
3. Young Offenders
4. Police System
5. Flogging
6. Jail Manual
7. Reformation
8. Parole
9. Victimology


Answer any TWO questions.
Each questions carry 18 marks.

(2 x 18 = 36)

10. Define Crime. Determine the factors for evaluating crime rate in India.

11. Explain the powers and duties of police under the Police Acts.

12. Explain the Constitutional Imperatives relating to prison reforms and convicted prisoners.

13. Examine the expanding dimensions and typology of victims and compensation by application of Article 21 and 300A of the Constitution.


Answer any TWO questions.
Each question carries 12 1/2 marks

(2 x 12 1/2 = 25)

14. "X" is convicted for seven years by the Court. In the prison the concerned jailor is not giving the required food as per the Jail Manual. But the Jailor provided all extra facilities for those who pay monthly bribe. Explain the offence committed by the Jailor.

15. "A" a Sub-Inspector arrested "B" in 2003, 20th April and filed F.I.R. On 30th April 2003 after taking Rs. 50,000/- from "G" relative of "B" and produced before the Magistrate. What are the offences committed by "A"?

16. "X" knowing theft is about to be committed at "Y" house falsely informs police that a theft is about to be committed in "Z" house. Under what section "X" is punishable?

17. "A" knowing that "B" is behind the bush fires at the bush. "B" dies as a consequence. Explain the liability of "A".

* * * * * * *


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