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Question Papers of Andhra University Bachelor of Law (LLB) - 3 Years - 101-511 Law of Contract January 2011

Time: Three hours
Maximum: 85 marks

January 2011

Three Year LL.B. Degree Examination
Firse Semester

Paper I: Law of Contract

Effective from the admitted batch of 2009-2010
Time: 3 hrs
Max. Marks: 85

PART - A (6 x 4 = 24)

Answer any SIX questions.
Each question carries 4 marks.

1. Novation
2. Damages
3. Declaratory Decree
4. Undue Influence
5. Mistake
6. Misrepresentation
7. Quasi Contract
8. Coercion
9. Privity of Contract

PART - B (2 x 18 = 36)

Answer any TWO questions.
Each question carries 18 marks.

10. Explain the ‘General offer’ and ‘Special offer’ with suitable example?

11. What is Public Policy and give examples of agreements contrary to it?

12. How is the validity of Contract effected when ‘Free Consent’ is absent?

13. State the Circumstances under which Court will decree Special Performance of part of Contract.

PART – C (2 x 2 ½ = 25)

Answer any TWO questions.
Each question carries 12 ½ marks

14. A and B enter into a Contract that A shall pay Rs. 50,000/- to B and B shall supply smuggled goods. Is the Contract Valid?

15. P enters into a Contract with R to sell a pistol without licence and pays an advance of Rs.10,000/- ‘R’ fails to sell and P wants to recover the advance. Decide?

16. A, a postman delivers a parcel at B’s house by mistake and the parcel actually belongs to C. B refuses to return it. Discuss the liability of A and B?

17. A telegraphed to B to sell his house for Rs. 5 lakhs. ‘B’ reaches A’s house with cash but A refuses to sell his house. Advise ‘B’ the appropriate course of action?


Examination Date: 18 January 2011

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