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MAE1 / MAE001 Understanding Adult Education

MAE2 / MAE002 Policy Planning and Implementation of Adult Education in India

MAE3 / MAE003 Knowledge Management, Information Dissemination and Networking in Adult Education

MAM1 / MAM001: Introduction to Plantation Management

MAM2 / MAM002: Crop Production Technology

MAM3 / MAM003: Post Harvest Management and Value Addition

MAM4 / MAM004: Human, Resource, Marketing and Financial Management

MAVL015 Practical and Project Work Internship

MBPI004 Electronic Copy-Editing and Proof-Reading

MCN1 / MCN001 Principles of Management

MCN42 / MCN042 Business Communication

MCT72 / MCT072 Quantitative and Statistical Techniques for Financial Markets

MCO1 Organisation Theory and Behaviour

MCO3 Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis

MCO4 Business Environment

MCO5 Accounting for Managerial Decisions

MCO6 Marketing Management

MCO7 Financial Management

MCS011 / MCS11 Problem Solving and Programming

MCS012 / MCS12 Computer Organisation & Assembly Language Programming

MCS013 / MCS13 Discrete Mathematics

MCS014 / MCS14 Systems Analysis and Design

MCS015 / MCS15 Communication Skills

MCS021 / MCS21 Data and File Structures

MCS022 / MCS22 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management

MCS023 / MCS23 Database Management Systems

MCS024 / MCS24 Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming

MCS031 / MCS31 Data and Analysis of Algorithms

MCS032 / MCS32 Object Oriented Analysis and Design

MCS033 / MCS33 Advanced Discrete Mathematics

MCS034 / MCS34 Software Engineering

MCS035 / MCS35 Accountancy and Financial Management

MCS041 / MCS41 Operating Systems

MCS042 / MCS42 Data Communication and Computer Networks

MCS043 / MCS43 Advanced Database Management Systems / Advanced Database Design

MCS051 / MCS51 Advanced Internet Technologies

MCS052 / MCS52 Principles of Management and Information Systems

MCS053 / MCS53 Computer Graphics and Multimedia

MCSE003 Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management

MCSE004 Numerical and Statistical Computing

MCSE011 Parallel Computing

MCSL016 Internet Concepts and Web Design

MDS005 Participatory Project Management

MEC1 / MEC001 Microeconomic Analysis

MEC2 / MEC002 Macroeconomic Analysis

MEC3 / MEC003 Quantitative Methods

MEC4 / MEC004 Economics of Growth and Developement

MEC5 / MEC005 Indian Economic Policy

MEC7 / MEC007 International Trade and Finance

MED4 / MED004 Towards Participatory Management

MEDS1 / MEDS001 Introduction to Extension and Development

MEDS2 / MEDS002 Dynamics of Extension and Development

MEDS3 / MEDS003 Problems and Issues in Development

MEDS5 / MEDS005 Planning and Management of Extension and Development Programmes

MEDS6 / MEDS006 Research Methods in Extension and Development Studies

MEDS8 / MEDS008 Extension Communication and Diffusion of Innovations for Development

MEDS9 / MEDS009 Development in India – Pre and Post Liberalization Period

MEDS10 / MEDS010 Training for Development

MEDS11 / MEDS011 Local Self Governance

MEDSE12 / MEDSE012 Environment and Development

MEDSE13 / MEDSE013 Behavioral Sciences for Extension and Development

MEDSE14 / MEDSE014 Gender and Development

MEDSE15 / MEDSE015 Family Healthcare Education

MEDSE16 / MEDSE016 Traditional Knowledge Systems and Livelihood

MEG1 / MEG01 British Poetry

MEG2 / MEG02 British Drama

MEG3 / MEG03 British Novel

MEG4 / MEG04 Aspects of Language

MEG5 / MEG05 Literary Criticism and Theory

MEG6 / MEG06 American Literature

MEG7 / MEG07 Indian English Literature

MEG8 / MEG08 New Literatures in English

MEG9 / MEG09 Australian Literature

MEG10 English Studies in India

MEG11 American Novel

MEG12 A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature

MEG14 Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation

MES005 Human Resource Development

MES008 Leadership for Better Schools

MES013 Learning, Learner and Development

MES31 / MES031 ET-An Overview

MES32 / MES032 Communication & Information Technology

MES33 / MES033 Computer Technology

MES34 / MES034 Designing Courseware

MES41 Growth and Development of Educational Management

MES42 / MES042 Dimensions of Educational Management

MES43 / MES043 Organisational Behaviour

MES44 / MES044 Institutional Management

MES45 / MES045 School Education

MES46 / MES046 Higher Education

MES47 / MES047 Distance and Open Learning

MES48 / MES048 Alternative Education

MES52 / MES052 Psychology of Learning and Teaching

MES81 / MES081 Introduction to Pre-School Education

MES82 / MES082 Human Development During Early Childhood

MES83 / MES083 Principles of Childhood Education

MES84 / MES084 Practices in Modern Pre-School Education

MES104 Planning and Management of Higher Education

MESE11 / MESE011 Teaching of Social Studies

MESE12 / MESE012 Teaching of Science

MESE13 / MESE013 Teaching of Mathematics

MESE14 / MESE014 Teaching of English

MESE57 / MESE057 Measurement and Evaluation in Education

MESE58 / MESE058 Educational and Vocational Guidance and Counselling

MESE59 / MESE059 Teacher Education in India : Growth and Development

MESE60 / MESE060 Curriculum Development and Transaction

MESE61 / MESE061 Open and Distance Learning Systems

MESE62 / MESE062 Vocational Education

MESE064 / MESE64 Special Needs Education

MESE66 / MESE066 Information Technology and Education

MESE67 / MESE067 Elementary Education

MGP005 / MGP5 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution

MTE06 Abstract Algebra

MTE12 / MTE12 Linear Programming

MFN1 / MFN001 Applied Physiology

MFN2 / MFN002 Nutritional Biochemistry

MFN3 / MFN003 Food Microbiology and Safety

MFN4 / MFN004 Advance Nutrition

MFN5 / MFN005 Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition

MFN6 / MFN006 Public Nutrition

MFN7 / MFN007 Entrepreneurship and Food Service Management

MFN8 / MFN008 Principles of Food Science

MFN9 / MFN009 Research Methods and Biostatistics

MFN10 / MFN010 Understanding Computer Applications

MFN8 / MFN008 Principles of Food Science

MFN10 / MFN010 Understanding Computer Applications

MFW53 / MFW053 Overview of Fashion

MGS1 Gender and Development: Concepts, Approaches and Strategies

MGS2 Gender, Development Goals and Praxis

MGS3 Gender Analysis

MGS4 Gender-Sensitive Planning and Policy Making

MGS5 Research Methodologies in Gender and Development Studies

MGSP1 Internship-I / Field based Research Project-I

MGSP2 Internship-II / Field based Research Project-II

MGSE1 / MGSE001 Gender Planning and Development Policies

MGSE2 / MGSE002 Gender Audit and Gender Budgeting

MGSE3 / MGSE003 Gender Mainstreaming

MGSE4 / MGSE004 Gender Issues in Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management

MGSE5 / MGSE005 Gender, Literature & Culture in India

MGSE6 / MGSE006 Gender, Resources and Entitlements

MGSE7 / MGSE007 Gender, Organization and Leadership

MGSE8 / MGSE008 Media, ICTs and Gender

MGSE9 / MGSE009 Gender Issues in Work, Employment and Productivity

MGSE10 Gender and Entrepreneurship Development

MGSE11 Gender, Political Participation and Governance

MGSE12 Gender, Nutrition and Health

MGSE13 Gender Training and Empowerment

MGSE14 Gender and International Relations

MGSE15 Gender and Labour

MGSE16 Gender, Science and Technology

MGSE17 Gender, Environment and Ecology

MGSE18 Gender and Education

MGSE19 Gender, Law and Human Rights

MGSE20 Gender and Financial Inclusion

MHA1 Management Functions and Behaviour in Tourism

MHI01 Ancient and Medieval Societies

MHI02 Modern World

MHI03 Historiography

MHI04 Political Structures in India

MHI05 History of Indian Economy

MHI06 Evolution of Social Structures in India through the Ages

MHI07 Religious Thought and Belief in India

MHI08 History of Ecology and Environment : India

MHY2 / MHY002 Introduction to Hospitality

MIP001 General Overview of Intellectual Property

MIP002 Industrial Property: Patents, Designs, Plant Varieties

MIP003 Industrial Property: Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

MIP004 Copyrights and Related Rights (International)

MIP5 / MIP005 Protection of Industrial Property at the National Level

MIP6 / MIP006 Protection of Copyright and Related Rights at the National Level

MIP7 / MIP007 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

MIP008 Contemporary Intellectual Property Issues

MIR11 / MIR011 Cyberspace Technology and Social Issues

MIR12 / MIR012 Regulation of Cyberspace

MJM001 / MJM1 Introduction to Broadcasting and Programming

MJM002 / MJM2 Production and Presentation

MJM003 / MJM3 Recording, Mixing and Editing

MLI004 Networking and Internet Technology

MLI005 Internet Resources

MLI006 Content Development

MLI007 Programming Language

MLI101 Information, Communication and Society

MLI102 Management of Library and Information Centres

MLII102 Information Processing and Retrieval

MLII103 Fundamentals of Information Communication Technologies

MLII104 Information Communication Technologies: Applications

MLIE101 Preservation and Conservation of Library Materials

MLIS1 Information, Communication and Society

MLIS4 Information Institutions, Products and Services

MLIS5 Management of Library and Information Centres

MLIS6 Application of Information Technology

MLIS-E5 Informetrics and Scientometrics

MLIS-E6 Public Library System and Services

MLIL007 Practical

MPY1 / MPY001 Indian Philosophy

MPY2 / MPY002 Western Philosophy

MPYE1 Logic

MPYE2 Ethics

MPYE3 Epistemology

MPYE4 Philosophy of Human Person

MPYE5 World Religions

MPYE6 Dalit Philosophy

MPYE7 ResearchMethodology in Philosophy

MGP5 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution

MPYE8 Metaphysics

MPYE9 Philosophy of Science and Cosmology

MPYE10 Philosophy of Religion

MPYE11 Philosophy of Art (Aesthetics)

MPYE12 / MPYE012 Tribal Philosophy

MPYE13 / MPYE013 Philosophy of Technology

MPYE14 / MPYE014 Philosophy of Mindv

MPYE15 / MPYE015 Gandhian Philosophy

MPYE16 / MPYE016 Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo

MPYP1 Dissertation

MRDE2 / MRDE002 Voluntary Action in Rural Development

MRDE3 / MRDE003 Land Reforms and Rural Development

MRDE4 / MRDE004 Entrepreneurship and Rural Development

MRD101 Rural Development – Indian Context

MRD102 Rural Development – Programmes

MRD103 Rural Development – Planning and Management

MRD4 / MRD004 Research Methods in Rural Development

MRDE101 Rural Social Development

MRR101 Understanding Development-Caused Displacement

MRR102 Role of Participation in Sustainable Development

MRR103 Participatory Planning of Resettlement and Rehabilitation

MRR104 Participatory Implementation and Monitoring of Resettlement and Rehabilitation

MRR005 / MRR5 Theoretical Perspectives in R and R

MRR006 / MRR6 Illustrative R & R Case Studies from Different Development Sectors

MRRE007 / MRRE7 Economic Planning of R&R and Implementation

MRRE008 / MRRE8 Socio-Cultural and Infrastructural Planning and Relocation

MRRE009 / MRRE9 Economic Rehabilitation of PAPs

MRRE010 / MRRE10 Monitoring and Evaluation of R & R

MRRP111 Project Work to be completed by the learners

MRS1 / MRS001 Management and Organisational Processes

MRS2 / MRS002 Retail Business Environment

MRS3 / MRS003 Managerial Communication

MRS4 / MRS004 Marketing Management

MRS5 / MRS005 Managerial Economics

MRS6 / MRS006 Commercial Accounting and Financial Management

MRS7 / MRS007 People Management and Organisational Behaviour

MRS8 / MRS008 Soft Skills Language Proficiency and Communication

MRS9 / MRS009 Operations Research

MRS10 / MRS010 Strategic Management and Scenario Planning

MRS11 / MRS011 Quantitative Techniques

MRS13 / MRS013 Leadership and Change Management

MRS14 / MRS014 Supply Chain Management

MRS15 / MRS015 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research

MRS17 / MRS017 Store Market Operations

MRS18 / MRS018 Consumer and Retail Activation

MRS19 / MRS019 Legal Framework, Consumer Rights and Corporate

MRS20 / MRS020 Social Anthropology

MRS21 / MRS021 Product Life Cycle Management

MRS22 / MRS022 Category Management

MRS23 / MRS023 Soft Skills (Interpersonal Relations and Presentations)

MRS25 / MRS025 Design Management

MRS26 / MRS026 Retail Performance Management

MRS27 / MRS027 Retail and Commercial Models

MMDE28 Foundation of Education of the Hearing Impaired

MMDE29 Aural and Oral Rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired

MMDE30 Methodology of Teaching Language and other Subjects to the Hearing Impaired

MMDE33 Identification and Assessment of persons with Mental Retardation

MMDE34 Mental Multidisciplinary Aspects

MMDE35 Curriculum and Teaching Strategies

MMDE36 Training in Mental Retardation

MMDE37 Teaching Practice in Mental Retardation

MME101 Preventive MCH & Planning and Management

MME102 Maternal Health and Reproductive Health

MME103 Child Health, Growth and Nutrition

MME005 Clinical Geriatrics

MPA001 Understanding Natural Disasters

MPA002 Understanding Man-made Disasters

MPA003 Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis

MPA004 Disaster Preparedness

MPA005 Disaster Response

MPA006 Disaster Medicine

MPA007 Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery

MPA013 Public Systems Management

MPA014 Human Resource Management

MPA16 / MPA016 Decentralisation and Local Governance

MPC1 / MPC001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory

MPC2 Life Span Psychology

MPC3 Personality: Theories and Assessment

MPC4 Advanced Social Psychology

MPC5 Research Methods in Psychology

MPC6 Statistics in Psychology

MPS1 Political Theory

MPS2 International Relations Theory and Problems

MPS3 India: Democracy and Development

MPS4 Comparative Politics Issues and Trends

MPSE003 Western Political Thought

MPSE004 Social and Political Thought in Modern India

MPSE008 State Politics in India

MPSE9 Canada : Politics and Society

MPSE011 The European Union in World Affairs

MS1 Management Functions and Behaviour

MS2 Managing Men (Pre-Revised) / Management of Human Resources (Revised)

MS3 Economic and Social Environment

MS4 Accounting and Finance for Managers

MS5 Management of Machines and Materials

MS6 Marketing for Managers

MS7 Information Management and Computers (Old) / Information Systems for Managers (Revised)

MS8 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications

MS9 Managerial Economics

MS10 Organisational Design, Development and Change

MS11 Corporate Policies and Practices (Old) / Strategic Management (Revised)

MS21 Social Processes and Behavioural Issues

MS22 Human Resource Development

MS23 Human Resource Planning

MS24 Union-Management Relations

MS25 Managing Change in Organisations

MS26 Organisational Dynamics

MS27 / MS027 Wage and Salary Administration

MS28 Labour Laws

MS41 Working Capital Management

MS42 Capital Investment and Financing Decisions

MS43 Management Control Systems

MS44 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

MS45 International Financial Management

MS46 Management of Financial Services

MS51 Operations Research

MS52 Project Management

MS53 Production/Operations Management

MS54 Management Information Systems

MS55 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MS56 Materials Management

MS57 / MS057 Maintenance Management

MS58 Management of R & D and Innovation

MS61 Consumer Behaviour

MS62 Sales Management

MS63 Product Management

MS64 International Marketing

MS65 Marketing of Services

MS66 Marketing Research

MS68 Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising

MS91 / MS091 Strategic Management

MS92 Management of Public Enterprises

MS93 Management of New and Small Enterprises

MS94 Technology Management

MS95 Research Methodology for Management Decisions

MS96 Total Quality Management

MS97 International Business

MS422 Bank Financial Management

MS423 Marketing of Financial Services

MS424 International Bank Management

MS425 Electronic Banking and IT in Banks

MS495 Ethics and Corporate Governance in Banks

MS611 Rural Marketing

MS612 Retail Management

MSEI21 / MSEI021 Introduction to Information Security

MSEI22 / MSEI022 Network Security

MSEI23 / MSEI023 Cyber Security

MSE24 / MSEI024 Policy, Standards and Laws

MSEI25 / MSEI025 Application and Business Security Developments

MSEI26 / MSEI026 BCP, Dr Planning and Audit

MSEI27 / MSEI027 Digital Forensics

MSO001 Sociological Theories and Concepts

MSO002 Research Methodolgies and Methods

MSO003 Sociology of Development

MSO004 Sociology in India

MSOE001 Sociology of Education

MSOE002 Diaspora and Transnational Communities

MSOE003 Sociology of Religion

MSOE004 Urban Sociology

MSW1 / MSW001 Origin and Development of Social Work

MSW2 / MSW002 Professional Social Work : Indian Perspective

MSW3 / MSW003 Basic Social Science Concepts

MSW4 / MSW004 Social Work and Social Development

MSW5 / MSW005 Social Work Practicum and Supervision

MSW6 / MSW006 Social Work Research

MSW7 / MSW007 Case work and Counselling : Working with Individuals

MSW8 / MSW008 Social Group Work : Working with Groups

MSW9 / MSW009 Community Organisation Management for Community Development

MSW31 / MSW031 Social Work Intervention in Correctional Settings

MSW32 / MSW032 Social Work and Criminal Justice

MSWE1 / MSWE001 HIV/AIDS : Stigma, Discriminations and Prevention

MSWE41 / MSWE041 Understanding the Tribals

MSWE42 / MSWE042 Tribals in India

MSWE43 / MSWE043 Tribal Society

MSWE44 / MSWE044 Social Work Practice in Tribal Development

MTM1 / MTM01 Management Functions and Behaviour in Tourism

MTM2 / MTM02 Human Resource Development and Planning in Tourism

MTM3 / MTM03 Managing Personnel in Tourism

MTM4 / MTM04 Information Management Systems in Tourisms

MTM5 / MTM05 Accounting, Finance and Working Capital for Tourism Managers

MTM7 / MTM07 Sales and Advertising Management in Tourism

MTM8 / MTM08 Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism

MTM9 / MTM09 Understanding Tourism Markets

MTM10 / MTM010 Tourism Impacts

MTM11 / MTM011 Tourism Planning and Development

MTM12 / MTM012 Tourism Products : Design and Development

MTM13 / MTM013 Tourism Operations

MTM14 / MTM014 Tourist Transport Management (Road Transport)

MTM15 / MTM015 Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Expositions (MICE)

MVE1 / MVE001 Introduction to Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

MVE2 / MVE002 Pharmacology and Toxicology

MVE3 / MVE003 Pharmaceutics

MVE4 / MVE004 Drugs Regulatory Affairs

MVE5 / MVE005 Introduction to Management

MVE6 / MVE006 Sales Management

MVP2 / MVP002 Food Laws and Standards

MVP1 / MVP001 Food Fundamentals and Chemistry

MVP4 / MVP004 Food Safety and Quality Management Systems

MWG1 / MWG001 Theories of Women's & Gender Studies

MWG2 / MWG002 Gender & Power

MWG3 / MWG003 Constructing Gender Through Arts & Media

MWG4 / MWG004 Gendered Bodies & Sexualities

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