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Junior Colleges in Hyderabad
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Junior Colleges in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

This list features Junior Colleges in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

This page features the list of Junior Colleges in Hyderabad district. You may also be interested in the Junior Colleges in Ranga Reddy.

R.A.Agarwal Jr. College (Boys), Charminar
Priyanka Jr. College For Girls, Golkonda
Shivdut Rai Girls Jr. College, Charminar
Sri Chaitanya Jr.Kalasala, Golkonda
Daisy Girls Jr. College, Charminar
Nrupatunga Jr. College, Musheerabad
Oxford Co-Op. Jr. College, Musheerabad
Aurora Jr. College, Musheerabad
Amruth Kapadiya Navjeevan Women's College, Musheerabad
Alfa Jr. College, Musheerabad
Bhagyanagar Jr. College, Musheerabad
Vidyapeeth Jr. College, Musheerabad
S.S.R.Jr. College Co-Edu, Musheerabad
R.K.Jr. College, Musheerabad
Quli Qutub Shah Urdu Resi Jr.College (Boys), Charminar
Raja Bahadur Sir Bansilal Balika Jr. College, Charminar
Sharada Vidyalaya Jr. College For Girls, Charminar
Durga Prasad Banwarilal Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Vanitha Maha Vidyalaya, Golkonda
St.Alfansa Jr. College, Golkonda
B.J.R.Govt. Jr. College, Musheerabad
Vani Jr. College For Girls, Golkonda
Neo Quantum Jr. College, Golkonda
Geetanjali Jr. College For Girls, Golkonda
Chanakya Jr. College, Golkonda
St.Pious Jr. College (Girls), Musheerabad
Srujana Co-Op. Jr. College, Musheerabad
Jyothi Jr. College(Girls), Musheerabad
Avanthi Jr. College, Musheerabad
Musheerabad Jr College (Girls), Musheerabad
Govt. Jr. College (Girls), Golkonda
Maharishi Veda Vigyan Maha Vidyalaya, Musheerabad
Holly Cross Co-Op. Jr. College, Golkonda
Kakatiya Co-Op. Jr.College, Golkonda
Sree Nagarjuna Jr. College, Golkonda
Narayana Jr. College, Golkonda
Govt.Mahaboobia Jr.College For Girls, Musheerabad
Madina Jr.College, Musheerabad
Pratibha Jr.College For Girls, Musheerabad
RBVRR Womens College, Musheerabad
Dr. Malkoti Jr.College For Girls, Musheerabad
Shanti Girls Co-Op.Jr.College, Musheerabad
Ratna Jr.College, Musheerabad
St.Paul's Jr.College, Musheerabad
Vijayawada Nalanda Jr.College(Sci.&Arts), Musheerabad
St.Patricks Jr.College, Musheerabad
Ratna Junior College, Musheerabad
Vidya Niketan Jr.College, Musheerabad
Andhra Mahila Sabha Arts & Science College, Musheerabad
Unique Co-Op.Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
SRM Jr.College, Charminar
New Science College, Golkonda
Gyan Vatika Jr.College, Golkonda
AV College, Charminar
BSRV Naidu Jr.College, Musheerabad
Kesav Memorial Jr.College, Musheerabad
Pradeepti Co-Op.Jr.College, Musheerabad
Kesav Memorial Jr.College For Girls, Musheerabad
Sri Gujarathi Vidya Mandir Jr.College(G), Charminar
Sri Hanuman Vyayamsala Jr.College (G), Charminar
Queen Mary's Jr.College For Girls, Musheerabad
St.Joseph's Jr.College, Charminar
Vidya Bharathi Jr.College, Musheerabad
Anjuman Girls Jr.College, Musheerabad
Sarojini Naidu Jr.College For Girls, Musheerabad
Andhra Yuvathi Mandali Jr.College (G), Musheerabad
VMS Jr.College, Musheerabad
Loyola Jr.College For Girls, Golkonda
Pranathi Jr.College, Malakpet
Anwar-Ul-Uloom Jr.College, Charminar
Stanely Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Cresent Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Sultan Ul-Uloom Jr.College, Golkonda
Sadhana Jr.College, Golkonda
Gowtami Academy Jr.College, Golkonda
New St.Joseph's Jr.College, Musheerabad
Arya Mahila Junior College, Musheerabad
Mukaramjah Junior College, Charminar
G Pulla Reddy Jr.College, Golkonda
Nagarjuna Junior College, Golkonda
Vijayanagar Jr.College, Golkonda
Royal Co-Op Jr.College, Golkonda
Gautami Jr.College, Golkonda
Adarsh Junior College, Golkonda
Gautami Jr.College For Girls, Golkonda
Govt.Jr.College Aliya, Musheerabad
St.Theresa's Jr.College, Musheerabad
Gautami Jr.College, Golkonda
L.B.Jr.College, Golkonda
Shees Jr.College, Golkonda
Sri Ramabhadra Jr.College, Musheerabad
St.Thomas Jr.College, Musheerabad
St.Xavier's Jr.College, Musheerabad
Sri Srinivasa Jr.College, Charminar
Octa Hedron Jr.College, Charminar
Sangam Laxmi Bai Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
M.N.R. Jr.College, Charminar
Sri Gauthami Jr.College For Girls, Golkonda
Gautami Academy Jr.College, Golkonda
Sri Sarada Jr.College For Girls, Golkonda
Anwar-Ul-Uloom (Eve) College, Golkonda
Maitreyi Junior College For Girls, Golkonda
Urdu Arts Evening College, Musheerabad
Sri Chaitanya Jr.Kalasala, Musheerabad
Nims Jr.College, Musheerabad
Govt.Jr.College For Boys, Golkonda
Shuja Jr.College, Golkonda
Abhyudaya Co-Op. Jr.College, Golkonda
Venkateswara Co-Op.Jr.College, Golkonda
Gnana Saraswathi Jr.College, Musheerabad
Anwar-Ul-Uloom Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Owaisi Jr.College, Charminar
New Govt.Jr.College, Golkonda
Govt.Jr.College, Musheerabad
Badruka Jr.College For Girls, Musheerabad
Sri Vidya Vikas Jr.College, Musheerabad
Anwar-Ul-Uloom Jr.College, Golkonda
Shadan Jr.College, Golkonda
Rishi Co-Op. Jr.College, Golkonda
Pragna Junior College, Charminar
Lal Bahadur Co-Op.Jr.College, Golkonda
Bapuji Jr.College, Golkonda
Izastw Jr.College, Golkonda
Hindi Mahavidyalaya Jr.College, Musheerabad
Mother's Girls Jr.College, Musheerabad
Vivekananda Govt.College, Musheerabad
Sri Ramachandra Jr.College, Musheerabad
Govt.City Jr.College, Charminar
D.R.Jindal Jr.College, Musheerabad
Sujatha Jr.College, Charminar
Tetrahedron Jr.College, Musheerabad
Pioneer Jr.College, Charminar
Navachaitanya Jr.College, Musheerabad
Jyotsna Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
New Govt.Jr.College, Charminar
Sri Vani Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Navabharat Co-Op. Jr.College, Charminar
Bhagyanagar Co-Op.Jr.College, Charminar
Navya Jr.College, Musheerabad
Shantiniketan Jr.College For Women, Golkonda
Govt.Jr.College (Old), Charminar Babul Reddy Jr.College, Golkonda
Nalanda Jr.College, Golkonda
Gowtham Jr.College, Golkonda
Nalanda Jr.College For Girls, Golkonda
Priyadarshini Jr.College, Golkonda
Pragathi Mahavidyalaya, Charminar
Govt.Jr.College, Charminar
Sri Padmavathi Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Mahadevia Girls Jr.College, Charminar
Iqbal Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Firdaus Jr.College, Golkonda
J.V.S. Jr.College, Musheerabad
Gautami Junior Kalasala, Golkonda
Villa Mary Jr.College For Girls, Musheerabad
Khairul-Uloom Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Dharmavanth Jr.College, Charminar
Islamia Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Princess Durru Shohvar Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Govt.Jr.College, Charminar
Govt.Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
V.V.College (Even.), Charminar
Mumtaz College, Charminar
V.V.Jr.College For Girls, Charminar
Narayana Jr.College, Musheerabad
Methodist Jr.College, Charminar
Stanley Girls Jr.College, Charminar
Shyam Siddartha Jr.College, Musheerabad
International Jr. College, Shaik Pet
Sri Venkateswara Jr.College, Musheerabad
Habeeba Jr.College(G), Tolichowki

Guntur Vikas Educational Institutions
Ph: 7177 269

Guntur Vikas Residential College
BCP Complex, Opp Himayatnagar Bus Stop, Hyderabad
Ph: 2305 7867, 2315 5873

Little Flower Junior College

Stanley Girls Junior College

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