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Junior Colleges in Guntur
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Junior Colleges in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

This list features Junior Colleges in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

MS Reddy Junior College, Guntur

A.C.College, Guntur
A.M.G.Jr,College, Chilakaluripet
A.P.R. Jr. College, Macherla
A.P.Res. Jr.College Urdu (Boys), Guntur
A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College (G), Macherla
A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College(Boys), Achampet
A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College(G), Sattenapalle
A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College, Karampudi
A.P.S.W.R. Jr.College, Bapatla
A.R.R.Jr.College, Kollipara
A.S.M. Jr. College For Girls, Ponnur
Abhyudaya Jr. College, Bapatla
Abhyudaya Mahila Jr.College, Guntur
Adarsha Jr. College, Narsaraopet
Andhra Muslim Jr.College, Guntur
Arora Jr.College, Guntur
B.H.H. Girls Jr.College, Guntur
B.R.A.S.W.R. Jr. College, T.Sundur
B.S.S.B. Jr. College, Tadikonda
Balaji Jr. College, Ponnur
Bandla Ankamma & Kanakamma Jr.College, Pedakakani
Bapatla College Of Arts & Science, Bapatla
Bapatla Jr. College, Bapatla
Bhanu Jr.College, Guntur
Bharathi Jr. College, Bapatla
Bhashyam Jr.College, Guntur
Bjrcc Jr. College, Duggirala
C.K. Jr.College, Mangalagiri
C.R. College, Chilakaluripet
Care Jr.College, Guntur
Ch.S.R. & Lm Jr. College, Sattenapalle
Chaitanya Jr.College, Chilakaluripet
D.C.B.N. & N.K.R. Jr.College, Guntur
Dr. D.S. Raju Jr. College, Pittalavanipalem
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Memorial Jr College, Tenali
Excel Jr.College, Guntur
G.C.S.S.Jr.College, Guntur
G.P.L. & R.L.S. Jr.College, Amaravathi
G.R.Jr.College, Chilakaluripet
G.V.R & S. Jr.College For Girls, Guntur
G.V.S.R & Sar Jr. College, Kolluru
Govt. Jr College, Tadepalli
Govt. Jr. College, Cherukupalle
Govt. Jr. College, Gurazala
Govt. Jr. College, Nizampatnam
Govt. Jr. College, Piduguralla
Govt. Jr. College, Pittalavanipalem
Govt. Jr. College, Repalle
Govt. Jr. College, Vinukonda
Govt. Jr.College, Chebrolu
Govt. Jr.College, Dachepalli
Govt. Jr.College, Kollipara
Govt. Jr.College, Sattenapalle
Govt. Jr.College, Vemuru
Govt.Residential Jr. College For Deaf (Boys), Bapatla
Gowtham Jr.College, Guntur
Guntur Vikas Residential College, Ring Road, Guntur
Harika Junior College, Dugiirala
Hindu College, Guntur
Hird Jr.College For Girls, Narsaraopet
I.P.D. Jr. College (G), Bhattiprolu
Ignatius Jr. College, Karampudi
J.K.C. College, Guntur
J.L.B. Jr. College For Girls, Repalle
J.M.J. College For Women, Tenali
J.N. Reddy Jr. College, Mangalagiri
J.R.R.Navodaya Jr. College, Gurazala
Jupiter Jr. College, Guntur
K.M.A.A.M. Jr. College, Pittalavanipalem
K.M.Sahakara Jr. College, Krosur
K.N. Jr. College, Duggirala
K.R. Jr. College, Narsaraopet
K.S. Jr. College, Ponnur
K.S.R. Jr. College (G), Bhattiprolu
K.V.S.R.T. Jr. College, Amrutallur
Krishnaveni Jr. College, Narsaraopet
Krishnaveni Jr.College, Narasaropet
Little Flower Jr.College, Guntur
M.C. Jr. College, Bapatla
M.K.H.R.Jr. College, Piduguralla
M.M.P. Jr. College, Guntur
M.R.R.A.V.S. Jr. College, Bhattiprolu
M.S.Reddy Jr. College, T.Sundur
Mahatma Gandhi Jr .College, Achampet
Mahavir Memorial Jr.College, Guntur
Masters Jr. College, Guntur
Modern Jr. College Of Arts & Science, Chilakaluripet
N.K.R. Jr. College, Repalle
Nallapati Venkata Rathaiah Jr.College, Narsaraopet
Navodaya Co-Op. Jr.College, Guntur
Navodaya Jr. College, Tenali
Nehru Niketan Jr. College, Tenali
Nirmala Jr.College, Mangalagiri
P.B.N. College, Ponnur
P.K.R. Jr. College, Karlapalem
Padmavathi Jr. College, Vinukonda
Pedanandipadu College Of Arts & Sciences, Pedanandipadu
Ponnur Jr. College, Ponnur
R.V.V.N. College, Amaravathi
Raghava Jr. College, Bhattiprolu
Rama Krishna Sahakara Jr.Kalasala, Guntur
Repalle Christian Jr .College, Repalle
Rural Christian Jr.College, Phirangipuram
S.A.W.B. Jr. College(The Salvation Army), Bapatla
S.K.B.R. Govt. Jr. College, Macherla
S.K.D.R.M.Jr. College, Amrutallur
S.K.K.S.C.V.S. Jr. College, Chilakaluripet
S.K.R.B.R. Jr.College, Narsaraopet
S.K.V.R. Jr. College (Girls), Chilakaluripet
S.M. Govt. Jr. College For Girls, Bapatla
S.M.K.R.M.Jr. College, Repalle
S.R.V.S. Jr.College, Mangalagiri
S.S. & N College, Narsaraopet
S.V.R.M. College, Nagaram
Sagaramatha Jr.College, Rentachintala
Sarada Jr. College, Narsaraopet
Siddhartha Jr.College, Guntur
Sms & N Jr. College, Prathipadu
Smt.D.Indira Mahila Jr College, Tenali
Smt.K.N. Jr. College For Girls, Tenali
Sphoorthi Jr. College, Sattenapalle
Sri Dhanalakshmi Jr .College, Ipuru
Sri G.H.R. & M.C.M.R. Jr.College, Guntur
Sri Harsha Jr. College, Tenali
Sri M.Guravaiah Jr.College, Guntur
Sri Nagarjuna Jr .College, Cherukupalli
Sri P.L.N.S. Mahila Jr.College, Mangalagiri
Sri Sai Jr. College, Bapatla
Sri Sai Jr. College, Tenali
Sri Sai Junior College, Tenali
Sri Seetarama Jr. College, Amrutallur
Sri Vani Jr. College, Vinukonda
Sri Vikas Junior College, Dachepalli
Sri Vivekananda Jr. College, Tenali
St. Peter's Jr. College, Tenali
St.Ann's G.V.R. Jr. College(G), Macherla
St.Ann's Jr.College For (G), Guntur
St.Charles Jr. College(G), Chilakaluripet
St.Joseph's Jr.College (G), Guntur
St.Jude's Christian Jr. College, Edlapadu
St.Xavier's Jr. College, Narsaraopet
Stall Jr.College For Girls, Guntur
Sujatha Jr.College, Guntur
Sunitha Jr.College, Pedakakani
Suresh Jr.College, Guntur
T.J.P.S. College, Guntur
T.R.R.& S. Jr. College, Piduguralla
Taluk Jr. College, Tenali
Target Junior College, Guntur
V & B Mahila Jr. College, Pittalavanipalem
V.S.R & N.V.R. College, Tenali
Venus Jr.College, Guntur
Vidwan Jr.College, Guntur
Vidya Bharathi Jr.College, Guntur
Vidya Kendram Jr. College, Sattenapalle
Vignan Co-Op. Jr.College, Chebrolu
Vignan Vidyalayam Jr.College, Guntur
Vignan's Girls Jr.College, Guntur
Vijetha Jr. College, Chilakaluripet
Vikas Jr.College, Guntur
Vikas Mahila Jr.College, Guntur
Vikram Jr.College, Guntur
Viswa Jr. College For Girls, Tenali
Viveka Jr. College, Tenali
Vivekananda Intensive Jr. College, Chilakaluripet
Vivekananda Jr. College, Macherla
Wisdom Jr.College, Guntur
Yadava Jr.College, Guntur

Sri Rama Rural Junior College
Lal Bahadur Gardens, Chilumuru, Via Tenali, Guntur 522 301
Ph: 8644-271 239, 271 076
E-Mail: [email protected]
Intermediate: Bi.P.C, M.P.C & C.E.C

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