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ME336 Dynamics Lab Syllabus
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Anna University, Chennai

Anna University, Chennai

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Syllabus of Anna University BE - ME336 Dynamics Lab

Total No of periods: 60

1. Measurements

1.1 Measurement of Shaft Speed-Counters, Techometers, Tachogenerators - Digital Tachometers - Stroboscopes.

1.2 Measurement of Frequency, Amplitude, Acceleration, Vibration pick ups - Accelerometers - Recorders.

2. Kinematics

2.1 Kinematics of four bar machanisms - Slider Crank, Crank Rocker Mechanism.

2.2 Kinematics of Universal Joints.

2.3 Kinematics of Gears - Spur, Helical, Bevel, Worm.

2.4 Kinematics of Gear trains - Simple, Compound, Epicyclic, Differential and Worm Wheel Reducers.

3. Dynamics

3.1 Inertia Systems: Experiments on

3.1.1 Turn table apparatus - Determination of M.I.

3.1.2 Motorized Gryoscope - Verification of Laws.

3.1.3 Connecting Rod and Flywheel - Determination of M.I. by oscillation.

3.2 Transmission Systems

3.2.1 Gear reducers - Determiantion of Transmission efficiency.

3.2.2 Governors - Watts, Porter, Proell and Hartnell - Determination of Sensitivity, effort etc.

3.2.3 Cam-study of Jump phenomenon - Determination of Critical Speeds.

3.3 Vibrating Systems

3.3.1 Spring mass system - Determination of damping Coefficient of single degree of freedom system.

3.3.2 Multidegree freedom suspension system determination of influence coefficients.

3.3.3 Vibrating table - Determination of transmissibility ratio.

3.3.4. Compound Pendulum - Determination of torsional natural frequencies - system with lumped moment of inertia.

3.3.5. Flywheel and Axis system - Determination of torsional natural frequencies - system with lumped moment of inertia.

3.3.6. Transverse vibration - Free - Free Beam.

3.3.7. Whirling of shaft - Determination of critical speed of shaft with concentrated loads.

3.4. Balancing

3.4.1. Balancing of rotating masses.

3.4.2. Balancing of reciprocating masses.

Students will be given ten to twelve experiments from the list of experiments given in the list, depending upon the facilities available in the laboratory, during that semester.

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