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Allied - Paper I - Statistical Methods and Their Applications I
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University of Madras - Institute of Distance Education (IDE)

University of Madras - Syllabus of Bachelor of Science (BSc) Statistics - Allied - Paper I - Statistical Methods and Their Applications I

(Effective from the Academic Year 2003-2004)


Allied - Paper I - Statistical Methods and Their Applications I


The emphasis is solely upon the applicational understanding and practice of statistical methods, with specific reference to problems in physical, natural, and earth sciences.

UNIT - 1:

Nature and scope of statistical methods and their limitations - Classification, tabulation and diagrammatic representation of various types of statistical data - Frequency curves and Ogives - Graphical determination of percentiles, quantiles and their uses, Lorenz curve.

UNIT - 2:

Measures of location - Arithmetic mean, median, mode, Geometric mean, Harmonic mean and their properties - -merits and demetits.

UNIT - 3:

Measures of dispersion - Range, mean deviation, quartile deviation, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, skewness and kurtosis - and their properties.

UNIT - 4:

Probability of an event - Finitely additive probability space addition and multiplication theorems - Independence of events - conditional probability - Bayes' theorem.

UNIT - 5:

Concepts of random variable - Mathematical expectation - Moments of random variable (raw and central moments) - Moment generating function - Chebycheff's inequality - simple problems.

Books for Study References:

Mode, E.B.: Elements of Statistics - Prentice Hall
Wilks, S.S.: Elementary Statistical Analysis - Oxford and IBH
Snedecor, G.W., & Cochran, W.G.: Statistical Methods, Oxford and IBH
Simpson and Kafka: Basic Statistics
Burr, I.W.: Applied Statistical Methods, Academic Press.
Croxton, F.E. and Cowden, D.J.: Applied General Statistics, Prentice Hall
Ostleo, B.: Statistics in Research, Oxford & 1BH.

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