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i) Flexible Manufacturing Systems Syllabus
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Syllabus of Shivaji University BE Production Engineering - i) Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Part II

5 Elective II

Teaching Scheme:

Lectures: 3 Hrs. / Week
Practical: 2 Hr. / Week/ Batch

Examination Scheme:

Theory Paper (3 Hrs): 100 Marks
Term work: 25 Marks
Oral Examination: 25 Marks

Course Objective

To study fundamental concepts of flexible manufacturing systems

Section – I

1. Introduction: Flexible and rigid manufacturing, F.M. Cell and F.M. System concept, Types and components of FMS, Tests of flexibility, Group Technology and FMS, unmanned factories, Economic and Social aspects of FMS. (2)

2. Control structure of FMS: Architecture of typical FMS, Automated work piece flow, Control system architecture – Factory level, Cell level; hierarchical control system for FMS, LANs - characteristics, transmission medium, signalling, network topology, access control methods; Factory networks, Protocols – ISO OSI reference model, Manufacturing Automation Protocol; communication interfaces, Structure and functions of manufacturing cell, Distributed Numerical Control (DNC), FMS Diagnostics (4)

3. Automated Production Planning and Control: Shop floor control system, variable route part programming system in FMS, dynamic scheduling in FMS, procedure, Performance analysis of FMS – measures, Deadlocks in automated manufacturing systems- handling deadlocks (4)

4. Tooling in FMS: Modern cutting tools and tool materials, tool holders, modular tooling, tool monitoring, presetting and offsets, wear and radius compensation, tool magazines, automatic tool changers, robotized tool assembly, tool management system (4)

5. Fixturing in FMS: Part holding on Pallets, standard fixtures, pallet changers, pallet pool, flexible fixturing – principles and methodologies, modular fixturing system: Tslot based, dowel pin based, fixturing components, computer aided fixture design – locating and clamping, use of GT in fixture design, fixture database (4)

Section – II

6. Database Management Systems in FMS: Conceptual DBMS, types of data structures and their applications in FMS, Integrated DBMS in FMS and its implementation (3)

7. Material Handling in FMS: Functions of an integrated material handling system in FMS, Flexibilities in material handling, Industrial robots for load / unload applications, Robotic cell layouts and FMS layouts, Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGVs) – types, features, guidance technologies and applications; Automated warehousing - AS/RS, storage and retrieval machines in AS/RS (4)

8. Automated Inspection Systems: In-process gauging, Coordinate measuring Machines – principle, construction, types of structure and their applications; Probes – various shapes, sizes and applications, operation and programming of CMMs, CMM softwares, Inspection routines / cycles on CMM for various measurements – manual and programmed, CNC machines as CMM (4)

9. Designing FMS: Simulation – need, techniques, inputs, procedure, performance analysis (2)

10. Flexible Assembly Systems: Basic Concepts, classification, planning and scheduling in FAS, loading and scheduling in F.A. cells (3)

11. Lean & Agile Manufacturing: definition and principles of lean manufacturing, benefits, methodologies for transferring to lean manufacturing, definition, principles of agility, market forces and agility, reorganizing the production system for agility, managing relationships for agility; Comparison of mass, lean and agile manufacturing (3)

Term Work

Minimum eight assignments based on the following.

1. Exercise on scheduling using various dispatching rules, heuristics or local search techniques for the following cases, using scheduling software package (like LEKIN Scheduling System), involving schedule generation, preparation of Gantt’s Chart and comparison of alternative schedules on the basis of various parameters with the output printouts.

a) Single machine / parallel machines
b) Flow shop
c) Job shop
d) Flexible Job shop
e) Flexible Flow shop

2. Simulation of FMS shop, using Simulation software package (like ARENA) using various modules like Arrive, Server, Depart, Simulate modules, Creating models of FMS shops and simulating the performance to obtain output results

3. Exercises on assessment of performance of batch production systems for the following measures

a) Manufacturing lead time,
b) Work - in – process
c) Machine utilization

4. Industrial visit to study components of FMS and submission of visit report (At least one visit is compulsory.)

Reference Books

1. Ranky, Dr. Paul, (1984), "The Design & Operation of FMS".
2. Groover, Mikell P. (2002), 2/e, " Automation, Production Systems & Computer Integrated Manufacturing", Pearson Education or PHI
3. Viswanadhan, N. & Narahari, Y. (1998), "Performance Modelling of Automated Manufacturing Systems", PHI
4. Pinedo, Michael & Chao, Xiuly (1999), "Operations Scheduling with Applications in Manufacturing & Services", McGraw Hill International Editions (with 2 Floppy Disks of LEKIN Scheduling Software)
5. Kelton, Sadowsky & Sadowsky, "Simulation with ARENA",2/e, McGraw Hill International Editions (with CD of ARENA Simulation Software)
6. Radhakrishnan, Subramanyan, "CAD / CAM / CIM", John Wiley
7. Rao, PN, Tewari NK, Kundra TK, "Computer Aided Manufacturing", TMH
8. Rong, Yeming; "Computer Aided Fixture Design", Marcel Dekker, ISBN 0-8247-9961-5
9. Sewik, "Production Planning & Scheduling in Flexible Assembly Systems", Springer Verlag, ISBN 3-540-64998-0
10. Hobbs, "Lean Manufacturing Implementation", J. Ross Publishing, ISBN 1-932150-14-2
11. Chowdiah, Gargesa & Kumar, "Agile Manufacturing", TMH

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