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Paper III: Clinical and Community Interventions Syllabus
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Shivaji University MA Psychology

Shivaji University MA Psychology Syllabus

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Syllabus of Shivaji University MA Psychology - Paper III: Clinical and Community Interventions


1. Introduction :
1.1 Origin and basic concepts of clinical Psychology
1.2 Nature and meaning of community interventions
1.3 Problems for clinical and community interventions

2. Psychological Interventions :
2.1 Nature and goals of interventions
2.2 Objectives and approaches of interventions
2.3 Common features of interventions
2.4 Comparison of psychotherapy and counseling
2.5 Basic techniques of interventions, reassurance, persuasion, confession,catharsis, and externalization of interests.

3. Relationship in Interventions :
3.1 Intervention, a helping process : nature and importance of helping process.
3.2 Strategies and skills of counseling
3.3 characteristics of good counselor
3.4 Issues faced by counselor : dealing with anxiety, demanding andcommitted clients, withdrawn and aloof clients, understanding and interpretation of client's, silence, pauses, irrelevant talk, emotionalreflections.
3.5 Limitations of Counselor

4. Skills of a Counselor :
4.1 Communication skills :Listening, empathic understanding, confronting, interpreting andinforming.
4.2 Interviewing skills :rapport establishing, setting a goal, framing and asking questions, types ofquestions, types of interviews based on personality theories.
4.3 Skills of psychological testing :
a) tests of maximal performance (ability and aptitude tests)
b) tests of typical performance (personality, interests, etc. )
c) Projective Tests
4.4 Administration, scoring, interpretation based on the author's theory.
4.5 Use of interpretation for further counseling.

5. Approaches of counseling - I (Psychodynamic) :
5.1 Overview of Freudian and Neo Freudian approaches
5.2 Transactional analysis by Eric Berne

6. Approaches of Counseling - II (Humanistic) :
6.1 Person - centered approach by Carl Rogers
6.2 Gestalt Therapy by Fritz Perls
6.3 Developmental counseling
6.4 Reality therapy by Glasser
6.5 Family and marital therapy

7. Approaches of counseling - III (Behavioural and cognitive) :
7.1 Assumptions of learning theories and procedures of behavioural approaches.
7.2 Cognitive therapy by Beck
7.3 Cognitive Behavioural modification by Michenbaum.
7.4 Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy by Albert Ellis.

8. Community Interventions :
8.1 Programmes for social problems
8.2 Programmes for special populations :
a) For mentally, socially, physically handicapped, deprived,severally impaired.
b) For juvenile offenders,
c) For women and elderly
d) For psychiatric patients8.3 Social skills training : Life skills training
a) Hetrosocial skills : including sexual skill and competence.
b) Anger control
c) Assertiveness training

Note : Basic concepts, assumptions, theory of therapy, techniques and applications of each therapeutic approach should be covered.

Books for Reading :

1. Corsini Rayomond J. (1984) : Current Psychotherapies 3rd Ed. F.E.Peakock Pub.Inc.

2. Gelso, C.J. and Fretz, B.R. (1995) : Counselling Psychology, Bangalore: Prism Books Pvt. Ltd.

3. Wolpe, R and Dryden, W (Eds) (1996) : Handbook of Counselling Psychology, New Delhi. : Sage Publications

Books for Reference :

1. Corey G. (1986) : Theory and Practices of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Montery California : Brooks / Cole Publishing Company.

2. Luciano, L' abape and Milan M.A. : Handbook of Social Skills - Training and Research, John Wiley and Sons 1985.

3. Ivey A.E. and Others - Counselling and Psychotherapy

4. Hensen, Stevic, Warner (1982) : Counselling -Theory and Process : Allyn and Bacon Inc.

5. Fiest, Jess (1985) : Theories of Personality

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