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BT101 U - Genetics Syllabus
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Syllabus of Osmania University MSc Biotechnology - BT101 U - Genetics

Credit 1: Principles of Genetics

1.1 Mendel's experiments Monohybrid ratios-Dominance and Recessive factors Law of segregation - Dihybrid an d Tri hybrid ratios - Laws of independent assortments - Test cross and Back cross.
1.1.1 Incomplete dominance - eg Flower Color.
1.1.2 Co-dominance - eg MN Blood groups.
1.1.3 Penetrance and Expressivity - Irregular dominance-eg: Polydactyly, Warrensburg Syndrome.
1.1.4 Pleiotropism - Bardet Biedel Syndrome, Marfan's syndrome
1.1.5 Phenocopy – microcephaly
1.1.6 Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance
1.2 Extension to Mendel's Laws
1.2.1 Multiple Allelism - eg. Coat color in Rabbits eye color in Drosophila, ABO Blood groups, Rh blood groups - incompatibility and pseudoallelism, Complex loci - R-locus in maize
1.2.2 Non allelic interactions - Types of Epistasis, modification of dihybrid ratios.
1.3 Inheritance of quantitative traits - Additive effect - Skin color in man
1.4 X-Y chromosomes - Sex determination in Drosophila, Birds, Man, Bonellia
1.4.1 X-linked inheritance - Hemophilia, Color blindness, X-inactivation
1.4.2 Y-linked inheritance - Holandric genes
1.5 Inheritance patterns in Man - Pedigree analysis

Credit 2: Chromosome Organization and Chromosomal aberrations

2.1 Chromosome morphology - classification – karyotyping
2.2 Features of centromere and telomere
2.3 Specialised chromosomes - polytene & Lamp brush chromosomes
2.4 Euchromatin and Hterochromatin
2.5 Chromatin organization-Nucleosome, loops and Scaffolds
2.6 Nucleosome phasing
2.7 Chromatin under transcription.
2.8 Variation in chromosome number - Euploidy , Aneuploidy
2.9 Variation in chromosome structure deletions, duplication translocations and inversions

Credit 3 : Linkage and gene mapping

3.1 Cytological proof of crossing over
3.2 Phases of linkage, test cross, recombination frequency, gene mapping, determination of map distances based on two and three point test crosses, coincidence, Interference eg. Drosophila, Maize
3.3 Mitotic Crossing Over
3.4 Tetrad analysis – Neurospora
3.5 Gene mapping in man – Genetic mapping, sib pairs, Lod scores, homozygosity mapping, Linkage disequilibrium, TDT test

Credit 4 : Organellar Inheritance

1.1 Non- Mendelian Inheritance
1.1.1 Variegation in leaves of higher plants- Mirabilus jalapa
1.2 Maternal inheritance - Poky in Neurospora, Shell coiling in snails Leber's Optic Atrophy in man
1.3 Uniparental inheritance - mutations in extra nuclear genes in chlamydomonas
1.5.1 Other examples - Male sterility in Maize, S-gene in Nicotiana
1.5.2 Plasmids, Is elements.

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