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Paper-VI BSE 06 / Paper-VII BSE 07 Methods of Teaching Social Studies Syllabus
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Syllabus of Osmania University BEd - Paper-VI BSE 06 / Paper-VII BSE 07 Methods of Teaching Social Studies


This course will enable the student teachers to

1. initiate pupil-teachers to various concepts and technology of teaching of Social Studies.

2. develop in the pupil-teachers the ability to have an overview and integrate the knowledge drawn from various sources - History, Geography, Civics, Sociology and Economics.

3. make student-teachers acquire knowledge and develop understanding about the various pedagogical principles involved in teaching of Social Studies.

4. develop in them an understanding of the principles of curriculum development, its transaction and evaluation.

5. equip them with the knowledge of application of such principles in teaching of specific content areas in Social Studies.

6. enable them to utilize community resources as educational inputs.

7. make the pupil-teachers realize that the success for teaching of Social Studies depends on its proper integration with other school activities.

8. acquaint the pupil-teachers about the skills to be developed among the pupils through teaching Social Studies.

Course Content

Unit I: Nature of Social Studies (7 Hrs.)

1. Nature and scope of social studies

2. Social sciences and Social studies

3. Understanding social studies in relation to History, Geography, Civics and Economics

Unit II: The History and Development of Social Studies Education (5 Hrs.)

1. Development of Social Studies as school subject

2. Contemporary status of social studies education in India

Unit III: Aims and Values of teaching social studies (7 Hrs.)

1. General Aims of teaching social studies

2. Values of teaching social studies

3. Specific aims of teaching social studies in relation to History, Geography, Civics, Economics

Unit IV: Objectives of teaching Social Studies (7 Hrs.)

1. Objectives of teaching social studies as school subject

2. Instructional objectives and specifications of teaching Social Studies

3. Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational objectives

4. Specific / Behavioral objectives (Instructional objectives)

5. Limitations of Bloom’s Taxonomy

Unit V: Instructional Planning (7 Hrs.)

1. Planning for effective instruction in Social Studies

2. Year Plan 3. Unit Plan 4. Lesson Plan

5. Learning experiences – Characteristics, classification, sources and relevance

Unit VI: Approaches and Methods of Teaching Social Studies (16 Hrs.)

1. Need for instructional strategies in teaching social studies

2. Lecture cum Demonstration method, project and problem solving method, source method, Socialized recitation, Supervisor study and Team teaching

Unit VII: Resource and Equipment (7 Hrs.)

1. Library and Laboratory

2. Museum

3. Study circles

4. Community resources

Unit VIII: Non-formal social studies education (7 Hrs.)

1. Social studies clubs

2. Conduct of model parliament

3. Field trips, excursions

4. Current affairs and controversial issues

Unit IX: Social Studies Curriculum (7 Hrs.)

1. Social Studies curriculum based on national and state policies

2. Principles of Curriculum construction

3. Organizing social studies curriculum – correlation, integration, concentric, spiral, unit and chronological approaches

4. Qualities of good social studies text book

5. Need for Handbook for teacher and workbook for learner

Unit X: Evaluation (7 Hrs.)

1. Concept and Purpose of evaluation

2. Formative and Summative evaluation

3. Tools of Evaluation

4. Preparation of SAT

5. Analysis and interpretation of Scores


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