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BNS105 Behavioural Sciences (Sociology and General Psycology) December 2005
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Term-End Examination

December, 2005


Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks : 70



Attempt all questions.

1. Explain Sociology as a science. Describe the psychosocial paradigm of health. (2+3=5)

2. Define family. List any four distinctive features of family. Describe the functions of family. (1+1+3=5)

3. Discuss the sociological view of illness. (5)

4. Discuss the patient's definition of sickness. (5)

5. Write the meaning of the following terms : (2x5=10)

(i) Stratification
(ii) Caste
(iii) Class
(iv) Folkways and Mores
(v) Slavery

6. Fill in the blanks: (5)

(i) The socialization which starts from the later stage of childhood and goes to maturity is called as_________ socialization.
(ii) The pattern of inter-relationship among individuals in a society refers to___________
(iii) The process by which a biological being becomes a social being is called a__________
(iv) Family, school, peer group are the agencies of_______ socialization.
(v) White collar workers and professionals are included in _______class.


(General Psychology)

Attempt all questions. Giue examples from Nusing to support your answer.

7. Define the term Psychology. Discuss the importance of studying psychology in nursing. (1+4=5)

8. Describe the term individual differences. Explain how do the individual differences originate. (2+3=5)

9. Describe Freud's psychosexual theory of development. (5)

10. List the theories of motivation.Explain any one theory of motivation. (2+3=5)

11. Write short notes on any two of the following: (5x2=10)

(i) Mental subnormality
(ii) Transfer of learning
(iii) Amnesia
(iv) Methods of changing attitudes

12. Fill in the blanks : (1x5=5)

(i) An ego defense mechanism in which the individual escapes from reality by day-dreaming is referred to as ______
(ii) Ethical or moral dimension of personality is called ________
(iii) A state of focused awareness accompanied by sensory cleamess and a central nervous readiness to response is called________.
(iv) Feelings that energize and direct behaviour are called ______
(v) All mental events especially perceptual ones tend towards the simplest possible, is explained in _________ Psychology.

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