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CIC5 Microsoft Office June 2002
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CIC 5 Test Papers



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Certificate in Computing (CIC)

Term-End Examination

June, 2002

CIC-5: Microsoft Office

Time: 2 Hrs
Maximum Marks: 70

Note: (i) Do not start answering until the invigilator asks you to start.
(ii) Question paper contains 70 questions. Student is required to answer all the questions. There is no choice.
(iii) All questions carry equal marks.
(iv) Each question must be given one answer only. If more than one answer is marked or given, zero mark will be awarded for that question.

A) Multiple Choice (Question numbers 1 to 30)

Note: Four choices are given for a question, out of which one choice may be correct. Mark correct answer in relevant column of the answer sheet given to you. In case you feel that none of the choices given in a question is correct, mark in column ‘0’.

1. In MS-Word, ruler helps

(1) to set tabs (2) to set indents
(3) to change page margins (4) All of the above

2. Using Find command in Word, we can search

(1) characters (2) formats
(3) symbols (4) All of the above

3. MS-Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it reaches the right edge of the screen and is called

(1) Carriage return (2) Enter
(3) Word wrap (4) None of the above

4. Selecting text means, selecting

(1) a word (2) a complete line
(3) an entire sentence or whole document (4) any of the above

5. The grammar dialog box can be involved by choosing grammar from _____________ menu.

(1) insert (2) file
(3) tools (4) view

6. Auto text and Auto correct are ___________ tools.

(1) styling (2) editing
(3) designing (4) None of the above

7. Single spacing in MS-WORD document causes _____________ point line spacing.

(1) 10 (2) 12
(3) 14 (4) 16

8. A template stores

(1) styles, macros
(2) Auto Text entires, Customized word command Settings
(3) graphics, text (4) All of the above

9. Slides can have

(1) title, text, graphs (2) drawn objects, shapes
(3) clipart, drawn art, visual (4) Any of the above

10. To open the existing presentation, press

(1) CTRL + L (2) CTRL + N
(3) CTRL + A (4) None of the above

11. MS-EXCEL can be used to automate

(1) Financial statements, Business forecasting
(2) Transaction registers, inventory control
(3) Accounts receivable, accounts payable (4) Any of the above

12. MS-EXCEL is a

(1) Word processing package (2) Spreadsheet package
(3) Graphics package (4) DBMS

13. MS-EXCEL is based on

(3) UNIX (4) OS/2

14. In EXCEL, you can sum a large range of data by simply selecting a tool button called

(1) Auto fill (2) Auto correct
(3) Auto sum (4) Auto format

15. To select an entire column in MS-EXCEL, press

(1) CTRL + C (2) CTRL + Arrow key
(3) CTRL + S (4) None of the above

16. In EXCEL, the database created in the worksheet is

(1) Internal Database (2) External Database
(3) Native Database (4) None of the above

17. To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in EXCEL we use the function,

(1) ROUND ( ) (2) FACT ( )
(3) MOD ( ) (4) DIV ( )

18. To compare 2 strings and return TRUE, if they are exactly same, otherwise FALSE, we use the function

(1) LEN ( ) (2) RAND ( )
(3) FIND ( ) (4) None of the above

19. The operator we use to find the exponential in EXCEL,

(1) e (2) ^
(3) exp (4) None of the above

20. The arrangement of windows where windows are overlapped on each other and only the titles are visible of each window is

(1) Titled (2) Vertical
(3) Horizontal (4) Cascade

21. We can save and protect the workbook by

(1) Protection Password (2) Write Reservation Password
(3) Read-only Recommended (4) Any of the above

22. The file extension for an EXCEL workbook is

(1) .XLS (2) .XLB
(3) .XWB (4) None of the above

23. The first cell in EXCEL worksheet is labelled as

(1) AA (2) .AI
(3) .Aa (4) .A0

24. Slide sorter of PowerPoint is available on ________________ menu.

(1) Insert (2) File
(3) View (4) Edit

25. _______________ are used to group related information on a slide.

(1) Bulleted list (2) Titles
(3) Grouping (4) None of the above

26. By default, organization chart window displays size of

(1) 50% (2) 100%
(3) 25% (4) 75%

27. To print the PowerPoint presentation, press

(1) CTRL + T (2) CTRL + E
(3) CTRL + S (4) None of the above

28. _______ can be used for quick access to commonly used commands and tools in PowerPoint.

(1) Status bar (2) Tool bar
(3) Menu bar (4) Title bar

29. In WINDOWS, to insert extended characters that are not found on keyboard we use

(1) Card file (2) Notepad
(3) Character map (4) Terminal

30. To record a sequence of keystrokes and mouse actions to play back later we use

(1) Media player (2) Sound Recorder
(3) Calculator (4) Recorder

B) State whether True or False (Questions 31 to 70)

Note: In the following 40 questions, mark 1, if the statement given is true and 0 if the statement given is false.

31. By using the Show command, makes it easier to see the document layout problems.

32. “Change case” in the “Tools” menu allows you to change the case of the characters in text without retyping them.

33. The default for MS-Word is right justification which aligns text to the right margin.

34. The toolbar in MS-Word provides a shortcut way of accessing commands.

35. The Autosave function in MS-Word, helps to save the document automatically after a certain interval of time.

36. Editing text in MS-Word includes inserting only.

37. To insert a special symbol select symbol from Insert menu.

38. Spell checker checks the spellings of the entire document including the header, footer and the hidden text.

39. Spell checker understands the context in which the word is used in the sentence and corrects it.

40. MS-Word observes grammar and style rules by using the rule groups (formal, business and casual).

41. Justification reduces the ragged appearance of unjustified text and allows you to fit more text on a page.

42. By default, the Tab stops are set at 1.0 inch interval from the left margin.

43. A template in MS-Word is a blueprint for the text, graphics and formatting of a document.

44. Menu bar is one of the components of the slide in a PowerPoint presentation.

45. Handouts of PowerPoint presentation consist of smaller, printed versions of the slides.

46. To select a new PowerPoint presentation, select New from Edit menu.

47. To save the presentation, press CTRL + S.

48. It is not possible to select a tabular form on a slide.

49. An organization chart can be used to effectively depict a complex organization scheme as an easily comprehensible visual.

50. Once selected, it is not possible to change the slide layout.

51. To insert another slide in the presentation, press CTRL + M.

52. To select the entire worksheet in EXCEL, press CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR.

53. The function to display the system date and time in EXCEL is TODAY ( ).

54. To move to the starting cell (first cell) in EXCEL press, CTRL + END.

55. It is not possible to set the column height and row heights in EXCEL.

56. Alignment of data in the columns of EXCEL can be changed.

57. To freeze the heading row or column in window(s), choose Window ® Freeze panes.

58. Edit box, group box, option button, list box and dropdown list box are the custom control available in EXCEL.

59. In EXCEL, to join two strings the operator available is “&”.

60. In EXCEL, formulae cannot be used with functions as they become complex equations.

61. PIE CHART is used to compare the percentage of the sum of the data series. It represents only one data series.

62. In EXCEL, charts can be resized and moved in the worksheet.

63. In EXCEL, embedded charts as well as chart sheets can be printed.

64. Press F10, to start “Help” in WINDOWS.

65. In WINDOWS, to activate the menu bar press “ALT”.

66. Print Manager enables one to send more than one document to the printer simultaneously.

67. Photopaint is the tool available with Windows which can be used to create simple or elaborate drawings.

68. Card file is an accessory which keeps track of time.

69. Notepad organizes and manages information such as names, addresses and phone numbers and works like a scheduler.

70. Database can be created on the EXCEL worksheet or external databases can also be used.

Note: The above courses are picked automatically by the website for indicative purpose only. However, students are requested to check with the University for the similarity of the course or for any other information in regard to the course.

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