Business Quiz - 1

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Business Quiz - 1
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Business Quiz


Organizational Behavior / Management Perspectives

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Business Quiz - 1

1. Which cricketer is the brand ambasador for Band-Aid?

 Virendra Sehwag

 Sachin Tendulkar

 Saurav Ganguly

 Yuvraj Singh

2. Which leadership guru coined the term 'transformational leadership'?

 Pradep Sindhu

 Phillip Kotlar

 Samuel A Dipiazza

 James MacGregor Burns

3. Which Television channel launched the first local programming initiative in India in the form of reality show - Everset Se Takkar?


 National Geographic

 Animal Planet


4. What is the name of the new version of Hunadi Motors car?





5. What is the name of the 233cc Motorcycle launched by Hero Honda?





6. Which air conditioning company has the slogan 'Inspire the Next'?





7. Aditya Birla collaborated with which foreign company to roll out an insurance scheme?





8. Citi Bank co-brands cards for which oil company?





9. What is series of showrooms set up by Reliance to sell Mobile phones called?



 Dhirubai Phones

 Ambani Dream Center

10. Which company brings you CNBC Television channel in India?

 Channel 7

 TV 18

 Mudra Arts


11. Which fabric company has the slogan - 'India's Family Store'?




 Peter England

12. Acme Clothing owns which famous brand?

 John Player

 Peter England


 Park Avenue

13. What is the name of the recent car released by Toyota in India?





14. What is the e-Governance project of Andhra Pradesh Government called?





15. What is the name of the UK-based Tea company acquired by Tata Tea?



 Brooke Bond


16. Which fabric brand has the slogan - 'Wear your attitude'?


 Peter England



17. Hyundai is a car manufacturer based in ___ country


 S Korea

 N Korea


18. What is a computer network without wires called?





19. Netle is a company based in which country?



 South Africa


20. Elle 18 range of cosmetics are marketed in India by which FCMG company?





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