East Godavari Junior Colleges

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Junior Colleges in East Godavari
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East Godavari


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Andhra Pradesh Senior Intermediate Results 2005

Andhra Pradesh Junior Intermediate Results 2005

Junior Colleges in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

This list features Junior Colleges in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh.

Koras Junior College, East Godavari

Adarsha Vocational Junior College, East Godavari

A.F.D.T.Jr.College, Malkipuram
A.K.C. Jr. College, Rajahmundry
A.M.G. Jr. College, Rajahmundry(R)
A.P.R. Jr.College For Boys, Addateegala
A.P.R.Jr.College For Girls, Rajavommangi
A.P.Res. Jr. College, Rampachodavaram
A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College For Boys, Anaparthy
A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College For Girls, Tuni
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College For Boys, Kotananduru
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College For Girls, Kakinada
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College For Girls, Yeleswaram
A.P.T.W. Jr.College(Boys), Rampachodavaram
A.S.N. Jr.College For Girls, Amalapuram
A.V.S. Jr.College, Ambajipet
Aditya Jr. College, Rajahmundry
Aditya Jr.College, Kakinada
Alfa Jr.College, Rajahmundry
Balu Best Jr.College, Amalapuram
C.B.M.Jr.College For Women, Kakinada
C.G.T.M. Jr.College, Rajahmundry
Chaitanya Jr.College, Kakinada
Charles Memorial Luthern Jr. College, Sakhinetipalli
Chegalla Deviprasad Coop. Jr. College, Amalapuram
Chikkam Sathi Raju Memorial Junior College, Uppalaguptam
Deepthi (W) Junior College, Mamidikuduru
Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Centenary S.W.R. Jr. College, Anaparthi
Dwarampudi Sitayamma Jr.College, Pedapudi
G.B.R. Jr.College, Anaparthy
G.M.C. Balayogi Girls Junior College, P-Gannavaram
G.R.C.Jr.College, Ramachandrapuram
G.R.R.S. Jr. College, P Gannavaram
Gandhi Centenary Jr. College, Kakinada
Gayathri Jr.College, Kakinada
Giriseema Junior College, Rajavomangi
Gitanjali Jr.College, Kakinada
Gopalakrishna Ips Vamli Francis Jr.College, Malikipuram
Govt. Jr. College (G), Tuni
Govt. Jr. College, Gokavaram
Govt. Jr. College, Kadiyam
Govt. Jr. College, Rajahmundry
Govt. Jr. College, Tuni
Govt. Jr.College, Alamuru
Govt. Jr.College, Korukonda
Govt. Jr.College, Kothapeta
Govt. Jr.College, Rajahmundry
Govt. Jr.College, Rampachodavaram
Govt. Jr.College, Ravulapalem
Govt. Jr.College, Razole
Govt. Jr.College, Samalkota
Govt. Jr.College, Yanam
Govt. Jr.College, Yeleswaram
Govt.Jr.College For Boys, Kakinada
Govt.Jr.College For Girls, Amalapuram
Govt.Jr.College For Women, Kakinada
Govt.Jr.College, Addateegala
Govt.Jr.College, Jaggampeta
Govt.Jr.College, Karapa
Govt.Jr.College, Kirlampudi
Govt.Jr.College, Mamidikuduru
Govt.Jr.College, Mandapeta
Govt.Jr.College, Mummidivaram
Govt.Jr.College, Ramachandrapuram
Govt.Jr.College, Rayavaram
Govt.Jr.College, Seethanagaram
Harsha Jr.College, Rajahmundry
Harvard Junior College, Thondangi
Hindustan Jr. College, Rajahmundry
Ideal Jr.College, Kakinada
K.R.College For Women, Rajahmundry
Koras Jr. College, Rajahmundry
M.G. Jr. College, Atreyapuram
M.G.Junior College, Malikipuram
M.S.N. Jr.College, Kakinada
M.S.Narayana Junior College, Kakinada
Mallidi Narayana Reddy Junior College, Anaparthy
Minarva Jr.College, Prathipadu
Mohan Junior College, Kakinanda (Rural)
Mother Jr. College, Kotananduru
Navachaitanya Jr.College For Girls, Pithapuram
P.P.R. Jr.College, Mandapeta
P.S.N.Murthy Junior College, Gollaprolu
P.S.N.Murthy Junior College, Kajuluru
Param Jyothi Jr.College, Amalapuram
Pedapudi Co-Op. Jr. College, Pedapudi
Pragathi Jr.College, Kakinada
Pragathi Vidyalaya Jr.College, Kakinada
Pragati Junior College, Rajahmundry
Pratibha Jr.College, Mandapeta
Priyadarsini Junior College, Pithapuram
R.R.B.H.R. Govt. Jr. College, Pithapuram
Rajiv Gandhi Jr. College, Rajahmundry
Ravi Jr.College, Kakinada
Raviteja Junior College, Allavaram
S.K.B.R.College, Amalapuram
S.K.K.M. Jr. College For Women, Peddapuram
S.K.N.M. Luthern Jr.College, Rajahmundry
S.M.S.R. Jr. College, Gokavaram
S.N.M. Jr. College, Uppala Guptam
S.N.V.R. Jr.College, Ainavilli
S.R.V.B.S.J.B.M.R.College, Peddapuram
S.V.M.R.M. Co-Op. Jr. College, Rajahmundry
S.V.V.S.M. Co-Op. Jr.College, Sankhavaram
Schade Jr.College For Girls, Rajahmundry
Shantiniketan Jr.College, Ramachandrapuram
Siddartha Jr. College, Rajahmundry
Siddartha Jr. College, Tuni
Siddartha Junior College, Kothapeta
Sir Arthur Cotton Jr.College, Rajahmundry
Smt.P.A.Jr.College, Kakinada
Sreevidyavan Jr.College, Amalapuram
Sri Anam Venkatreddy Jr.College, Kadiyam
Sri Chaitanyabharathi Jr.College, Amalapuram
Sri D.R.Jr.College, Kajuluru
Sri Hanumantharaya Memorial Jr. College, Pithapuram
Sri Nannaraju Jr.College, Malikipuram
Sri Nethipudi Ganapathi Rao Jr.College, Mamidikuduru
Sri P.V.R. Jr.College, Ramachandrapuram
Sri Raviteja Junior College, Allavaram
Sri Sai Bharathi Jr. College, Ambajipeta
Sri Satya Sai Jr.College, Kakinada
Sri Satyadeva Jr.College, Sankhavaram
Sri Shirdi Sai Jr.College, Mummidivaram
Sri Siddartha Jr.College, Kapileswarapuram
Sri Vikas Junior College, Kakinada
Srimukha Jr. College, Pamarru
Sudarsan Jr.College, Kakinada
The Millenium Junior College, Karapa
The Razole Women's Jr.College, Razole
Usha Jr. College, Rajahmundry
V.S.M. College, Ramachandrapuram
V.T. Jr. College, Rajahmundry
V.V.S.Narayanaraju Jr. College, I. Polavaram
V.V.S.Reddy Jr.College, Kothapalli
Velagala Sathireddy Rural Mahila Jr.College, Rayavaram
Vidyanidhi Junior College, Amalapuram
Vidyavikas Jr.College, Mandapeta
Vignan Junior College, Mandapeta
Vikas Jr. College, Rajahmundry
Vikas Junior College, Sakhinetipalli
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