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Junior Colleges in Prakasam
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Andhra Pradesh Senior Intermediate Results 2005

Andhra Pradesh Junior Intermediate Results 2005

Junior Colleges in Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh

This list features Junior Colleges in Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh.

Siddartha Junior College, Prakasam

A.B.M.Jr.College, Ongole
A.K.P.Jr.College, Chirala
A.K.V.K.Jr.College, Ongole
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College(B), Ardhaveedu
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College(G), Chimakurthy
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College(G), Singarayakonda
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College, Pamur
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College, Podili
Abhyudaya Mahila Jr.College, Giddaluru
Adarsha Jr. College, Giddaluru
Adarsha Jr.College, Santhanuthalapadu
B.A.R..Jr.College, Parchoor
B.B.H.Jr.College, Vetapalem
B.S.V.K.R.M.Jr.College, Parchoor
B.V.Subbaiah Jr.College, Chimakurthy Mandal
Bharath Jr.College, Addanki
Bharathi Jr.College, Chirala
C.S.R. Sarma College, Ongole
D.M.S.B.C.Jr.College(G), Yerragondapalem
D.N.M.Jr.College, Inkollu
Dr. S.R.K. Jr.College, Giddaluru
G.R.C.Jr.College, Martur
G.S.R. & T.S.R.Jr.College, Chirala
G.V.S.M.Govt.Jr.College, Ulavapadu
Govt. Jr.College, Yerragondapalem
Govt.Jr.College, Addanki
Govt.Jr.College, Ardhaveedu
Govt.Jr.College, Chimakurthy
Govt.Jr.College, Cumbum
Govt.Jr.College, Cumbum
Govt.Jr.College, Darsi
Govt.Jr.College, Donakonda
Govt.Jr.College, Dornala
Govt.Jr.College, Kanigiri
Govt.Jr.College, Komarole
Govt.Jr.College, Kondapi
Govt.Jr.College, Maddipadu
Govt.Jr.College, Martur
Govt.Jr.College, Pamur
Govt.Jr.College, Podili
Govt.Jr.College, Santhamagulur
Govt.Jr.College, Singarayakonda
Govt.Jr.College, Tallur
Govt.Jr.College, Tangutur
Govt.Jr.College, Tripurantakam
Govt.Jr.College, Vetapalem
Govt.Jr.College, Yeddanapudi
Gowthami Junior College, Bestavaripeta
Grameena Luthern Jr.College, Tarlupadu
H.C.M.Jr.College For Girls, Ongole
M.G.M.Jr.College, Korisapadu
M.N.M.Jr.College, Kanigiri
M.S.R.Jr.College For Girls, Chandrasekharapuram
M.S.R.Jr.College For Girls, Kandukur
M.S.R.Jr.College For Girls, Kanigiri
M.S.R.Jr.College, Chinaganjam
M.S.R.Jr.College, Gudluru
M.S.R.Jr.College, J-Panguluru
M.S.R.Jr.College, Korisapadu
M.S.R.Jr.College, Kothapatnam
M.S.R.Jr.College, Kurichedu
M.S.R.Jr.College, Lingasamudram
M.S.R.Jr.College, Martur
M.S.R.Jr.College, Naguluppalapadu
M.S.R.Jr.College, Santhanuthalapadu
Montessori Jr.College, Ongole
Muslim Co-Op.Jr.College, Kandukur
N.K.R.M.Jr.College, Ongole
Nagarjuna Jr.College(G), Ongole
Nagarjuna Jr.College, Kandukur
Nagarjuna Jr.College, Ongole
National Minority Jr.College, Chirala
Netaji Jr.College, Kanigiri
Omega Jr.College, Pamur
P.N.C.A.Jr.College, Singarayakonda
S.B.L. & A.M.Jr.College, Ongole
S.S.N.Jr.College, Ongole
S.V.Jr.College, Giddaluru
S.V.K.P.Arts & Science College, Markapur
S.V.P.Jr.College For Girls, Giddaluru
Sadhana Junior College, Markapur
Siddartha Junior College, Dhone
Smt. Rachel And Rev.George Memo.Jr.College, Markapur
Sri Govindambica Parameswar Jr.College, Addanki
Sri Govindambica Parameswari Jr.College, Ongole
Sri Gowtami Junior College, Darsi
Sri Katam Raju Jr.College, Valigandla
Sri Naga Bhairava Jr.College, Maddipadu
Sri Pratibha Jr.College, Ongole
Sri Rangaraju Jr.College, Cumbum
Sri Reddy Womens Jr.College, Markapur
Sri Sai Jr.College, Kanigiri
Sri Sai Jr.College, Racherla
Sri Sai Junior College, Podili
Sri Satya Sai Jr.College, Giddaluru
Sri Satyamamba Girls Jr.College, Podili
Sri Siddartha Co-Op.Jr.College, Bestavaripeta
Sri Vani Jr.College, Ongole
Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy Jr.College, Komarole
Sri Veerisetty Jr.College, Podili
Sri Vidya Jr.College, Chirala
St.Marks Luthern Jr.College, Chirala
St.Xavier's Jr.College For Girls, Ongole
T.L.N.S.M Jr.College, Kothapatnam
T.R.R.Govt.Jr.College, Kandukur
Uma Maheswara Jr.College, Ongole
V.R.S. & Y.R.N. College, Chirala
V.V. & M Jr.College, Ongole
Venus Jr.College, Ongole
Vignan Bharathi Jr.College, Cumbum
Vignan Junior College, Bestavaripeta
Vijaya Co-Op.Jr.College, Markapur
Vivekananda Jr.College, Martur
Y.A.Govt.College For Women, Chirala
Y.V.C.R. & C.S.P.Jr.College, Karamchedu
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