Warangal Junior Colleges

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Junior Colleges in Warangal
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Junior Colleges in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh

This list features Junior Colleges in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh.

Moral Basic Junior College, Warangal

Government Junior College, Thorur, Warangal

Government Junior College, Hanumkonda, Warangal

Government Junior College, Eturnagaram, Warangal

A.B.V. Jr.College, Janagaon
A.P.R.Jr.College (St) For Boys, Nekkonda
A.P.R.Jr.College For Girls, Hasanparthy
A.P.S.W.Jr.College For Boys, Janagaon
A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College For Boys, Ghanpur
A.P.S.W.R. Jr.College For Girls, Hanumakonda
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College For Boys, Mulugu
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College For Girls, Parkal
A.P.T.W.R.Jr. College, Eturunagaram
A.V.V.Jr.College, Warangal
Adarsha Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Andhra Balika Jr.College, Warangal
Bala Vidya Jyothi Junior College, Cherial
Bhadrakali Jr.College, Warangal
C.K.M.A & S College, Warangal
Chaitanya Jr.College, Janagaon
D.D.Jr.College, Dornakal
Dr.M.R.Reddy Jr.College, Parkal
Ekasila Jr.College, Janagaon
Ekasila Jr.College, Thorrur
Excellent Jr.College, Mahabubabad
Gangotri Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Gautami Co-Op.Jr.College For Girls, Janagaon
Geetanjali Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Govt. Jr. College, Dharmasagar
Govt. Jr. College, Shyampet
Govt. Jr.College For Boys, Mahabubabad
Govt. Jr.College For Girls, Mahabubabad
Govt. Jr.College For Girls, Narsampet
Govt. Jr.College For Girls, Warangal
Govt. Jr.College, Cherial
Govt. Jr.College, Eturunagaram
Govt. Jr.College, Ghanpur
Govt. Jr.College, Govindaraopet
Govt. Jr.College, Janagaon
Govt. Jr.College, Kesamudram
Govt. Jr.College, Maripeda
Govt. Jr.College, Mulugu
Govt. Jr.College, Narsampet
Govt. Jr.College, Nellikuduru
Govt. Jr.College, Parkal
Govt. Jr.College, Thorrur
Govt. Jr.College, Warangal
Govt. Jr.College, Wardhannapet
Govt. Pengali Women's Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Govt.Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Govt.Jr.College, Sangam
Hindu Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Islamia Jr.College, Warangal
J.M.J. Jr.College For Girls, Dharmasagar
K.G..Jr.College, Narsampet
K.N.R.Jr.College, Warangal
Kakatiya Jr.College For Girls, Hanumakonda
Lalbahadur College, Warangal
Learners Land Jr.College, Warangal
M.P.Jr.College, Warangal
Mahathi Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Mahatma Jr.College, Thorrur
Maheswara Jr.College, Narsampet
Manjeera Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Margadarshi Jr.College, Warangal
Model Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Moral Basic Jr.College, Nallabelli
Nagarjuna Co-Op.Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Nagarjuna Co-Op.Jr.College, Hasanparthy
Nalanda Co-Op.Jr.College, Geesugonda
Nava Vignanabharathi Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Padmavathi Jr.College For Women, Warangal
Pothana Co-Op.Jr.College, Palakurthy
Pothana Jr.College, Warangal
Prathaparudra Jr.College, Hanamkonda
Preston Jr.College, Janagaon
Priyadarshini Jr.College, Hanumakonda
R.D. Co-Op.Jr.College, Hanumakonda
R.D.R.Memorial Jr.College, Maripeda
Railway Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Rajarshi Jr.College, Warangal
S.D.H.P.P. Co-Op.Jr.College, Nekkonda
S.N.Jr.College, Hanumakonda
S.R.Jr.College, Hanumakonda
S.V.S Jr.College, Hanumakonda
S.V.S.Junior College (G), Hanumakonda
Sadhana Jr.College, Hanamkonda
Sahiti Jr.College, Parkal
Sai Ram Girls Junior College, Thorrur
Samatha Co-Op.Jr.College, Ghanpur
Samatha Junior College (G), Thorrur
Samikya Jr.College, Mahabubabad
Shanthiniketan Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Siddartha Junior College, Bhupalapally
Sneha Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Sravanthi Jr.College, Parkal
Sri Arunodaya Jr.College, Hanamkonda
Sri Aurobindo Jr.College, Kesamudram
Sri Guru Sandreananda Junior College, Cherial
Sri Kakatiya Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Sri Raghavendra Jr.College, Warangal
Sri Sravanthi Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Sri Vijetha Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Srujana Jr.College, Hanumakonda
St.Ann's Jr.College For Girls, Hanumakonda
St.Joseph's Girls Jr.College, Hanumakonda
St.Mary's Jr.College, Janagaon
Suryanalanda Jr.College, Maddur
Vasavi Mahila Junior College, Mahabubabad Vidyabhivardhini Jr.College, Thorrur
Vidyaniketan Jr.College, Dharmasagar
Vidyaranya Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Vignanabharathi Jr.College, Mahabubabad
Vijayabharathi Jr.College, Hanumakonda
Vivekananda Co-Op.Jr.College, Parkal
Vivekananda Jr.College, Warangal
Vyasa Co-Op.Jr.College, Janagaon
Wesley Jr.College, Hanumakonda
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